Are you a lucky person? You’d better hope so, as your luck influences your wins or losses in casinos. Take games of chance as an example. When you play slots in any USA online casino, your results depend on a random number generator. It can favor you or ensure you walk away with nothing. But what if losses and wins have little to do with luck and more to do with the spirits around you? What if some ghosts have been altering the RNGs? Don’t believe it? Well, the idea is not so far-fetched in the following casinos, which have been rated as the most haunted in the world:

Gambling with Ghosts

Even if you are not superstitious, you must admit that some events have no clear explanations. And when enough such things happen, crediting a ghost or other being from another realm feels natural. Consider the following haunted casinos:

1.   Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas

People often say that tragedies leave haunted souls behind. And this casino is proof. Back in 1980, MGM Grand Hotel stood on the site where Bally’s Casino now operates. And one day, an electrical fault caused a fire. The fire was so massive and spread so fast that firefighters barely had a chance to put it out. Many guests had to jump out of their rooms to avoid the flames, resulting in eighty deaths. Decades later, guests and casino staff report seeing ghost figures in the stairwells. Some have even seen furniture moving on its own. Chilling, huh?

2.   Flamingo, Las Vegas

Friendly ghosts are fun to have around. And casino staff in Flamingo can attest to this. This casino is the brainchild of Bugsy Siegel, an innovative man who saw the future of Vegas before it became a hub. Unfortunately, he did not see the casino to fruition as he got murdered before it became a hit. But decades later, he still visits the casino. Many have reported seeing him in the hotel. He could tweak the odds in your favor if you play your cards right.

3.   Bullock Casino, South Dakota

Playing casino games is a thrill. But do you know what beats the adrenaline from playing? Relaxing in a haunted hotel! One minute you are asleep, and the next, you can hear someone using your shower! These incidents are so common that calling reception will likely not have the effect you expect. But what gives? There is no clear explanation, as with most haunted places. However, the casino is named after a sheriff who died in 1919. And as rumors go, many other people had frequented the casino before their deaths. Perhaps they chose it as a final resting place.

4.   Palace Casino, Bucharest

We all deal with losses differently. Some people chase them, others walk away, and others lose it. This casino hosts the souls of people who chose the latter option. Once the odds failed to favor them, they ended their lives, forever trapping their souls in the casinos. Thus, paranormal activity in the casino, including ghostly figures and moving chairs, is common. However, this does not deter guests who keep playing as they hope the ghosts will help them inch closer to a win.

5.   The Luxor, Las Vegas

What do you expect of a casino whose construction resulted in seven deaths? That alone was proof that this would not be like most other casinos. And true to the predictions, several people have died since the casino started operating. Some jumped off their balconies, while one died from a car bomb. But despite these incidences and ghostly worker figures roaming the halls, guests have a great stay!

Trying Your Luck

Should ghosts deter you from playing casino games? Of course not! Some principles will ensure that not even ghosts can get in your way:

  • Learn the rules of the game you want to play,
  • Cap your spending by having a strict budget,
  • Start with small wagers,
  • Take advantage of bonuses and rewards, and
  • Be patient with your progress.

Focus on having fun; neither ghosts nor bad luck will affect your playing experience.

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Some people prefer to play actively with horror instead of watching it.
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