CLICKBAIT: UNFOLLOWED on TUBI is a new horror movie about the world of influencers – and it’s deadly. Made by and starring Melanie Scrofano and Katherine Barrell of Wynonna Earp. Read our full Clickbait: Unfollowed movie review here!

CLICKBAIT: UNFOLLOWED is a new Tubi horror movie that hits its mark. It’s kitsch, bloody, funny, and full of social commentary. Or should I say, social media commentary as the main characters are all influencers?!

With a runtime of just 90 minutes, it’s perfect for a fun Friday night. Written, directed, and starring Melanie Scrofano and Katherine Barrell of the popular Wynonna Earp series which is making a comeback on Tubi with a special.


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Continue reading our Clickbait: Unfollowed movie review below. Find it on Tubi from June 7, 2023.

“You still matter – just not enough”

In Clickbait: Unfollowed, we meet a group of influencers who are introduced as they are invited to a house for a competition. Their visit to the SoShal mansion, they will soon realize, means entering a game show with deadly consequences.

After each task, where the influencers go live for a few minutes to complete the assignment, the next three minutes are crucial. The influencer with the fewest new followers will be eliminated.

In the world of Clickbait: Unfollowed, elimination is both from the competition and life itself. Even the actual elimination “process” is quite brutal. And uniquely tailored for each influencer.

What isn’t unique is the goodbye to every influencer when eliminated. The words “You still matter, just not enough!” are spoken as they are removed from all existence.

Clickbait: Unfollowed (2024) – Review | Tubi Horror

A fabulous slasher with stellar one-liners

Any slasher who goes down (pun intended) the kitsch and campy route has a lot going for it from the onset. You can make fun of almost everything, have fabulous slasher scenes, and get away with the most grotesque and stellar one-liners.

For Clickbait: Unfollowed, there is the goodbye sign-off “You still matter, just not enough” built in. However, the influencers have plenty of other great lines along the way.

We also get a lot of familiar quotes and song lyrics as one influencer in particular likes “borrowing” words of wisdom from others and passing them off as their own.

Among the more unique one-liners, you can look forward to the desperate cry of a white woman as she proclaims “It was an honest white woman’s mistake!”. Or how about the nearly philosophical “The dildo of consequence rarely comes lubed”.

Hopefully, you can gather from these examples, that the fun and kitsch elements are prevalent in Clickbait: Unfollowed. And it is truly fabulous!

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This new Tubi horror movie was written and directed by Melanie Scrofano and Katherine Barrell, who also star in the movie. The two starred in Wynonna Earp, which ran for several seasons and is coming back with a special on Tubi.

As actors, they play key roles (of course), but be warned that Katherine Barrell is unrecognizable. Her voice, if you know it, is easy to recognize. Interestingly, one of the influencers also comments that the voice is familiar, which is a cool detail.

The small cast of influencers consists of Roberto Kyle, Luke Volker, Jessica Stanley, Charlie Bouguenon, Ashleigh Van Der Hoven, Shermin Hassan, and Skyler Ball. Each of them delivers strong and funny portrayals of stereotypical influencers.

As long as both the story and cast lean into the stereotypical elements and keep it campy, it works perfectly. If you want to have fun – and maybe reflect on the world of social media and influencers – you cannot miss out on Tubi’s new movie.

Clickbait: Unfollowed is out on Tubi on June 7, 2024.


Directors: Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell
Stars: Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, Roberto Kyle, Jessica Stanley, Shermin Hassan, Luke Volker, Charlie Bouguenon, Ashleigh van der Hoven


A group of influencers are invited to a house for a competition with deadly consequences.

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