WEREWOLF BY NIGHT on Disney+ is a new horror movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A tribute to classic monster movies. Shot in gorgeous black and white, the runtime is just 52 minutes. Read our full Werewolf by Night movie review here!

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT is a new Marvel horror-comedy on Disney+ which is perfect to release here in October. The entire movie is the most gorgeous homage to classic monster movies. Something that is highlighted by the fact that it’s shot in black and white.

With a runtime of under one hour, it almost feels more like an episode from a horror anthology. Well, if that’s the comparison you want to make, then it’s one hell of an episode. Also, it means we could expect more, which makes me a very happy horror fan.

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Just have fun with it!

I really had no idea what to expect from this new Disney+ Marvel “Special Presentation” production. However, no more than a few minutes into it, I realized I was just sitting there grinning. I simply had a big ol’ smile on my face as I was enjoying the look, vibe, story, and humor.

The visual style of black and white does so much for this movie, so please don’t skip it because you have some aversion to black and white movies. In reading comments on various movies, of all genres, I’ve realized that people sometimes have pet peeves that rob them of amazing experiences.

Some hate anything new, and will only realize a movie like Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell is an awesome horror movie once it has been out for at least ten years. Then, as if by magic, it is finally “old enough” to be real horror. Other’s loathe anything made before they were born. And, again, you will only rob yourself.

Sometimes, you need to just start a movie and have fun with it. Don’t “watch it ironically” or try to find fault with it. Just enjoy it for what it is!

Werewolf by Night – Review | Disney+ Marvel

The cast certainly seems to be having fun

On top of the filmmakers having fun creating this tribute to classic monster films, the cast also seems to be enjoying themselves. It’s a rather small cast with Gael García Bernal (Station Eleven, Old) in the lead role. In terms of screen time, however, he shares the lead quite a lot with Laura Donnelly (The Nevers).

Gael García Bernal is Jack Russell and Laura Donnelly is Elsa Bloodstone. These two characters are really at the heart of the story – along with “Ted” – and they work brilliantly together.

In other very entertaining supporting roles, we see Harriet Sansom Harris (Ratched) and Eugenie Bondurant (Fear of Rain), who both look absolutely fabulous and play fierce characters. You’ll see! Also, in the cast as monster killers, we get Leonardo Nam (Phobias), Kirk R. Thatcher, and Al Hamacher.

Finally, you will get to meet “Ted” who is the Marvel character Dr. Theodore “Ted” Sallis, also known as “The Man-Thing“. Now, he is a real treat for monster fans. A truly fascinating creature that plays a big part (in every way) in Werewolf by Night.

Watch Werewolf by Night on Disney+!

The Academy Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino is the director of Werewolf by Night and his love of classic monster movies is obvious. It’s almost as if his love of these movies – and the comic book this is based on – is so intense that it immediately rubs off on the viewer. Now that is the kind of director, I love!

Other than composing award-winning and/or nominated scores for movies such as Up (2009), Super 8 (2011),  Jojo Rabbit (2019), The Batman (2022), or the Lost TV series, he is now a director. And yes, he did (of course!) also compose the music for Werewolf by Night.

Hell, he even did the actual Marvel theme song that plays during the logo at the beginning of any Marvel production – and which has gotten an appropriate twist for this film.

The story for this new old-school monster movie comes from Heather Quinn (Hawkeye), who also co-wrote the screenplay with Peter Cameron (Moon Knight). Based on the comic created by Gerry Conway, Michael G. Ploog, Roy Thomas, and Jean Thomas.

Even if you don’t think this is for you, then surely the runtime of just 52 minutes is enough to give it a shot. Do it, I don’t think you’ll regret it if you’re ready to just lean back and take in this little love letter to classic monster movies.

Werewolf by Night is out on Disney+ from October 7, 2022. 


Director: Michael Giacchino 
Writers: Heather Quinn and Peter Cameron
Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal, Laura Donnelly, Harriet Sansom Harris, Eugenie Bondurant, Leonardo Nam, Kirk R. Thatcher, Al Hamacher


On a dark and somber night, a secret cabal of monster hunters emerge from the shadows and gather at the foreboding Bloodstone Temple following the death of their leader. In a strange and macabre memorial to the leader’s life, the attendees are thrust into a mysterious and deadly competition for a powerful relic—a hunt that will ultimately bring them face to face with a dangerous monster.

Inspired by horror films of the 1930s and 1940s, the chilling special aims to evoke a sense of dread and the macabre, with plenty of suspense and scares along the way as we explore a new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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