VOICE is a new series on Netflix from South Korea. It’s a crime thriller series featuring murder and other violent crimes. A woman with an extraordinary hearing uses her gifts to solve crimes and create a “gifted team”. Full Voice review here!

Voice is a thriller series on Netflix from South Korea. It has hour-long episodes and is off to a good start. In fact, it reminded us of many awesome Korean horror and thriller movies at first. Unfortunately, it didn’t last and the story becomes increasingly ridiculous.

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Still, it’s obvious that the Voice series has the potential to deliver some really creepy stories.

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A team of gifted investigators

Voice works as a crime thriller series in many ways, Unfortunately, it also has a lot of problems developing a believable storyline. It reminded me of various CSI spoofs done in movies or comedy series. The conclusions made just seem way out there.

I did, however, like the use of people with various gifts. Especially the woman, who has extraordinary hearing and works at the equivalent of a 911 call center. However, once again, she is able to use this gift in ways that seem just a tad too impressive.

We only see her using her gifts to solve crime in the first episode. However, during the Voice series more gifted people come along and a team of gifted people is created. Imagine X-Men but just with actual real-life special abilities such as a great hearing or OCD that helps them work with every single detail.

Voice: Season 1 – Netflix Series Review

Too many irritating characters

Admittedly, I often love South Korean movies for their real and flawed characters. However, when it comes to Voice the lead character is extremely irritating.

The detective who loses his wife at the very beginning of episode 1, Jin-hyuk, is so irritating for way too long. He is constantly drunk but many people keep covering for him. At other times, people don’t even try to cover for him they just seem to accept that he’s acting in crazy ways.

Voice has a lot of potential but just does not deliver on it in the ways I hoped it would. Instead, I am really looking forward to season 2 of Kingdom which is a Netflix series from South Korea. We’re talking a period piece with zombies. It’s just awesome! Kingdom season 2 will be out this month (March) on Friday the 13th.

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When it comes to Voice, you will probably either like it due to its entertainment value. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself rolling your eyes, sighing intensely or simply saying “WTF?!” at the screen. I’m in the latter category most of the time, but hey, that’s just me.

Watch Voice Season 1 on Netflix now!

Voice is from South Korean (the original title Boiseu) and the production quality is very high. Also, I have to admit that I was extremely happy for the first 20-30 minutes of episode 1 of Voice. I felt like I was watching something where the style and acting had everything I enjoy in South Korean genre productions.

It just didn’t last long. Not even for the entire first episode where the storyline is simply too out there before it’s over. Then again, I can imagine many fans of the classic crime-thriller series along the line sof CSI will be happy.

The series already has three seasons in its native South Korea. So far, only season 1 is out on Netflix now. However, season 1 has 16 episodes so it should last you a while. Season 2 has 12 episodes while season 3 also has 16 episodes. In other words, plenty to look forward to, if you become a fan.

Season 1 of Voice is out on Netflix in several countries from March 1, 2020.


Stars: Baek Sung-hyun | Ye-sung | Son Eun-seo | Jang Hyuk | Lee Ju-seung | Lee Ha-na | Kim Jae-uck | Kwon Jae-hwan | Sung-Hyun Baek | Soo-Yeon Cha | Hyuk Jang | Ha-na Lee


A deft detective whose wife is killed by a serial murderer teams up with a rookie cop, a gifted voice profiler dealing with her own father’s murder. Their mission is to ensure that victims are found alive — within the “golden time” that could mean life or death.

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