UNTIL DAWN is a new Netflix reality series in the horror-comedy subgenre. A group of comics tries to outlast one another while spending the night in haunted places. You may not know the comics, but humor and horror are very universal. Read our Until Dawn season 1 review here!

Until Dawn is a new Netflix reality series along the lines of Prank Encounters since we’re in the horror-comedy niche once again. This time around, we’re not dealing with people being pranked, since everyone is participating voluntarily.

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For Until Dawn, we get to experience a group of French comics trying to outlast one another while spending a night in haunted places. Of course, they’re also given tasks to make the experience even more entertaining for the viewers. Does it work?!

Continue reading our review of Until Dawn season 1 below to hear our take on this new Netflix reality series.

Episode 2 of Until Dawn gets real!

Until Dawn isn’t exactly a new concept since it’s been seen in many similar versions all across the globe. There was a reality TV series called Celebrity Paranormal Project that began in 2006 and was quite similar. Each episode featured 5 celebrities who had to spend the night investigating haunted locations around the world.

For this new Netflix reality series, you get 3 comedians who have to spend the night in a haunted location in France. The humor and pranking is pretty prevalent but it changes a lot from one episode to the next.

Episode 1 of Until Dawn is pretty tame and focuses more on who is easy to scare. When it comes to Until Dawn episode 2, the “challenges” are suddenly a lot more intense. One person is submerged into a bathtub of dark, smelly water while trying to summon the person who died in the tub. The next is buried in a casket outside in a hole in the ground.

In other words, episode 2 is when Until Dawn really embraces its creepiness. Then comes episode 3 which didn’t do much for me since it primarily focuses on two of them be extremely scared of rats. Being scared of rats doesn’t have much to do with being in a haunted place, so this episode just irritated me.

Until Dawn – Netflix Reality Review

Do you know any French comics?

Well, if you don’t know any French comics (and I didn’t really), then you certainly will after watching Until Dawn. Of course, this isn’t a reality series specifically about them or their comedy. It is, however, using their abilities to improvise and trying to essentially “heckle” the others in terms of making it more difficult for them.

The fact that the comics are from France and speak French (duh!) is not a plus for me. However, I can still appreciate the concept and I was definitely entertained. I mean, I did start this Until Dawn review by stating that both humor and horror is very universal. And it certainly can be!

In the case of this particular reality show, it works because we’re working withing an area known all around the world; Daring to spend a night at a haunted location!

Still, I’d love a version with comics from the US, the UK, Australia or Canada. Simply because I would be able to understand what they’re saying so I could focus on watching what’s happening. Also, I’d get a lot more of the references (little songs and gestures) that I simply don’t get with this French version of the reality series.

Watch the Until Dawn reality series on Netflix now!

The cast of Until Dawn consists of many comics from France and if you’re not French, then you probably won’t know many of them. It might not matter much but I would probably have enjoyed this Netflix reality series if I did.

How funny and entertaining you find it will mostly depend on how much you identify with the people in these situations. After all, reality shows have always achieved success by having relatable and likable people. Not all of the comics in Until Dawn tick these boxes for me which is a huge detraction from the overall experience.

Still, this is definitely a very entertaining Netflix series if you just like seeing people being creeped out while challenging themselves.

Season 1 of Until Dawn is out on Netflix worldwide from January 10, 2020.


France’s funniest comics carry out ghastly tasks as they try to outlast — and outwit — one another while overnighting in haunted locations.

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