TILL MURDER DO US PART: SOERING VS. HAYSOM on Netflix is a new true-crime documentary series with four episodes. A married couple is brutally murdered, and their daughter and her boyfriend are involved. Read our Till Murder Do Us Part documentary review here!

TILL MURDER DO US PART: SOERING VS. HAYSOM is a new Netflix docu-series in the true-crime subgenre. The case is the brutal murder of Derek and Nancy Haysom in 1985. They are murdered in their own home, and their daughter as well as her boyfriend become suspects. Later. Much later, really.

While there is very little focus on the actual murder victims, I feel that this is one documentary where it can be excused. Or at least understood. After all, the documentary is about the crazy evolution of the case as the young couple both take on blame themselves and blame the other.

Please note: There is a lot of crime scene footage of the victims, Nancy and Derek Haysom. These images are uncensored and extremely brutal. I get that this shows the severity of the murders, but I don’t like it. After all, the murder victims can’t consent to being part of a Netflix docu-series.

Continue reading our Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom documentary review below. Find all four episodes on Netflix from November 1, 2023.

From lovers to murderers

Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom uncovers the various accounts of how Nancy and Derek Haysom died. They were brutally murdered, but the contradictory information from the two suspects makes a mockery of their trial.

Jens Soering is ultimately charged with the murder of his girlfriend’s parents, Derek and Nancy Haysom. However, their daughter, Elizabeth Haysom, was also clearly involved (or an accessory) in their murders. She was the girlfriend of Jens Soering at the time of the murders. Both end up on the run – even before anyone suspects them of being involved.

As any quick Google search will reveal, Jens Soering has continued to vehemently state his innocence. As we hear in the docu-series, several people came forward and gave differing accounts about the couple and their relationship. Especially their dynamics. Who was the ringleader?!

All the unanswered questions made the case a mess. The lies and deception of this case are staggering.

Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom – Review | Netflix Documentary

Jens Soering as the star of this docu-series

I realize it sounds strange to call anyone “the star” of a documentary series. However, seeing as he has been in prison for more than three decades for the murder of the Haysoms, it’s weird that he also gets to sit front and center.

However, and this is very important, we also hear from many others. People working the case, family of the murder victims, and friends of Elizabeth. Both she and Jens were convicted for different aspects of her parents’ murders.

Elizabeth Haysom herself is not part of the documentary, by her own choice. A person close to her is, though, and explains why Elizabeth is no longer doing interviews.

By the end of this docu-series, I feel myself siding with two of the investigative journalists who have worked on this murder case extensively. They point out what I felt myself saying all through watching the four episodes; Everyone is so focused on believing either Elizabeth or Jens, but neither of them is trustworthy.

What really makes sense is that they are both involved. Probably more than either of them wants to acknowledge today.

Watch Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom on Netflix now!

The four episodes of this Netflix true-crime series focus on various aspects of the case. From the actual murders and how there were no clues or suspects at first, to when Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom are first arrested. They aren’t even arrested for murder, but instead for very simple fraud.

Then come the trials for each, and how they continue to change their stories and either stick by or blame the other is mindboggling. I don’t think we’ll ever truly get to the bottom of what happened, but if I’ve learned one thing from watching this docu-series it’s this; When in prison, choose the religion of your state governor!

Also, if you can get some people of power interested in your case, it’s a huge win. In the case of Soering vs. Haysom, the person who gets involved is best-selling author (and former lawyer) John Grisham. Admittedly, I see why he got involved; There really wasn’t near enough evidence to convict anyone of these murders.

Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom is on Netflix from November 1, 2023.


Did Jens Soering murder his girlfriend’s parents in 1985 — or was she the killer? This docuseries digs into questions that still swirl around the case.

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