THE STEPDAUGHTER on TUBI is a new thriller from Chris Stokes. The title tells you all you need to know as it follows all the other “Step”-something genre movies. With a twist, of course. Read our full The Stepdaughter (2024) movie review here!

THE STEPDAUGHTER is a new TUBI Original from the TUBI super-creator Chris Stokes. By now, I’ve watched a whole lot of Chris Stokes movies and this one has very decent (even good) acting, while the plot is as crazy as ever.

Still, it’s not crazier than the latest Tyler Perry Netflix movie which was released on the very same day. With what I presume is a rather large difference in budget, this is a huge compliment to Chris Stokes and his cast. Interestingly, a few actors have also been in movies by both Perry and Stokes.

Continue reading our The Stepdaughter (2024) movie review below. Find it on TUBI from February 23, 2024.

All about The Stepdaughter

As already stated earlier, The Stepdaughter on TUBI has a title that tells you almost everything you need to know. It’s exactly like all the other thrillers or horror movies with “Step”-something in the title.

However, this is also Chris Stokes, so you should expect a few twists of the wilder variety!

The title character is described as a “vengeful teen” and Cassidey Fralin portrays her character perfectly. I mean, it’s wildly over-the-top, but this is clearly what the director wanted, and she delivers!

The Stepdaughter (2024) – Review | TUBI Thriller

She “deceptively moves in with her birth father, his new wife, and her two sons” and there’s an air about her that clearly spells trouble. From the way she walks around looking at things in the house to how she speaks to her new stepmother.

Speaking of the stepmother, she is nothing but sweet and very kind towards the new member of the family. Also, she’s portrayed by Annie Ilonzeh, who is one of the better actors in The Stepdaughter.

While Cassidey Fralin plays the villain, Annie Ilonzeh is the more natural actor as the designated victim, and the contrast works in favor of the movie. 

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The filmmakers behind this latest TUBI Original are once again Chris Stokes as director and co-writer alongside Marques Houston. It’s a duo that keeps on delivering exactly the kinds of movies that TUBI wants.

I don’t know that I’ll ever truly understand the appeal. However, having also just watched and reviewed the latest Tyler Perry movie for Netflix, I have to give credit to Chris Stokes: He manages to do much of the same with a fraction of the budget.

In other words, if you enjoy The Stepdaughter on TUBI, then be sure to check out Tyler Perry’s A Fall from Grace and the brand-new Mea Culpa on Netflix. And vice versa!

The Stepdaughter is on TUBI from February 23, 2024.


Director: Chris Stokes
Writers: Chris Stokes, Marques Houston
Cast: Blue Kimble, Annie Ilonzeh, Cassidey, Akeem Cheatham, Judi Johnson, Rayan Lawrence, Jared Cheatham


After moving in with her dad and his new family, a seemingly sweet high schooler is willing to do anything to keep him to herself, including murder.

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