SUBJECT on SCREAMBOX is a new sci-fi horror movie that is low-budget and quite fascinating. With just one man to carry the plot for most of its runtime, it has a nice edge. Worth checking out. Read our full Subject movie review here!

SUBJECT is a new SCREAMBOX movie with a plot that is sci-fi and horror-based. If you have SCREAMBOX, then you should definitely check it out. It might not be for everyone, but the runtime is under 90 minutes, so it’s certainly worth a shot.


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Continue reading our Subject movie review below. Find it on SCREAMBOX from August 22, 2023.

A sinister experiment

With Subject, the main character (title character, you might argue) has been given the choice between accepting a prison sentence or taking part in a sinister government experiment.

Willem is approached on his way to prison, and even from this short ride, he knows prison is not for him.

However, he also doesn’t know that this weird isolation experiment may be a lot more than meets the eye.

Subject (2023) – Review | Sci-fi Horror

His job in this experiment is simply to observe. However, he doesn’t know any of the details, or even who or what to observe.

For one, his perceived solitude awakens issues about the solitude and aloneness that already fills up his life.

As the experiment unfolds, the boundaries between reality and delusion blur, leaving both the character and the audience questioning what is genuine and what is the source of Willem’s fears.

The movie navigates the thin line between reality and nightmare, drawing viewers into a world of psychological terror.

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Subject comes from the award-winning director Tristan Barr (Good Times). The screenplay was written by Vincent Befi with Barr and David Gim producing on behalf of their company Continuance Pictures. Jason Scott Goldberg, Daniel Kim, and Mark Kim acted as executive producers.

While this is low-budget, I’m certain horror fans will enjoy the way this budget was spent. Practical effects take president over CGI and it works really well for this one.

Subject is out on SCREAMBOX from August 22, 2023.


Director: Tristan Barr
Writer: Vincent Befi
Cast: Stephen Phillips, Joey Lai, Cecilia Low, Gaby Seow, Scarlett Walker, Tristan Barr, Nathan Barrow, Matthew Connell


Subject follows a man ensnared in a sinister government experiment. On his way to prison, Willem is presented with an intriguing offer: take part in a shadowy government experiment and have his sentence commuted.

But little does he know his isolation experiment may not be what it seems, casting doubt upon his perceived solitude and raising questions about his true state of aloneness.

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