THE BEQUEATHED on Netflix is a six-part new South Korean (org. title: Seon-san) thriller mystery series. Slow burn with a dark and sinister twist. Read our full The Bequeathed series review here!

THE BEQUEATHED is a new Netflix series from South Korea (org. title: Seon-san). It’s a thriller mystery series with crime elements and the story is told over six episodes, but after the first three (which we’ve screened), you still won’t be much wiser.

To put it differently, this series is very slow-burn and character-driven, but it’s also incredibly dark in many ways. There’s a sinister streak to it which gives it exactly the kind of South Korean-style, many have come to love.

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All about a family burial ground

In The Bequeathed, we meet Yoon Seo-ha at a very depressing point in her life. An unknown uncle has just died, and she inherits a burial ground. That’s not something you hear about every other day. Or at all in our neck of the woods.

However, this family burial ground appears to be right at the center of both a string of murders and many small-town dark secrets. Basically, it’s very valuable, but for reasons, Yoon Seo-ha (Kim Hyun-joo) still needs to figure out.

Also, Kim Young-ho (Ryu Kyung-soo), Seo-ha’s half-brother, suddenly shows up at the uncle’s funeral and stirs up quite a commotion. Specifically, demanding part of the inheritance.

Yoon Seo-ha is not in a good place

The career of Yoon Seo-ha isn’t at the best place either, as she keeps hoping that she’ll go from a college lecturer to a faculty position as an appointed professor. Unfortunately, it seems like she’s been waiting for this promotion for a long time.

I think most people can guess what will happen this time around as well. All this despite her having just ghostwritten an entire book for her boss, and acting on his every whim.

Also, in her private life, she’s living with her cheating husband in a marriage that seems more like a marriage of convenience than anything else. Or it used to be. These days it’s not convenient for either of them.

Well, except her husband who now sees the chance for profit and wants part of her newfound inheritance.

The Bequeathed – Review | Netflix Thriller-Mystery Series

And then there’s the murder case

A burial ground and family drama isn’t what makes this a thriller mystery. Though, admittedly, both do play big parts as well.

What makes everything so much worse are the many ominous events unfolding. Before long, Yoon Seo-ha is experiencing an overwhelming sense of dread and complete lack of control.

Part of this involves police detective Choi Sung-jun (Park Hee-soon). He has a lot of past drama in his own life as well, which we get to see via flashbacks.

In The Bequeathed, he is investigating a murder case in the village, where Yoon Seo-ha’s unknown uncle died. And where her half-brother lives. And yes, it is all connected.

Detective Choi Sung-jun also notices the strange behavior of many villagers. This leads the detective to many dead ends, but also several important discoveries. And then another murder occurs, which means the village is investigated further!

Bizarre incidents surround Seo-ha upon inheriting the family burial ground.

What is really going on in the village? And how does the family burial ground tie into everything? You’ll know more by episode three, but all the bizarre incidents happening to Seo-ha (and her half-brother in general) are still very much a mystery!

Watch The Bequeathed on Netflix now!

Yeon Sang-ho is the writer of this new Netflix series, and he has many good South Korean productions on his resume. He wrote and directed on the Hellbound series and he’s the writer-director behind the iconic zombie movie Train to Busan.

If you’ve watched South Korean movies or series such as JUNG_EHellbound, The Call, Dr. Brain, or A Model Family, then you’ll recognize several cast members. Including those in all the key roles. Enjoy, because these actors always deliver!

There are six episodes in The Bequeathed (org. title: Seon-san), and because we’ve only gotten screeners of the first three episodes, you can be certain I’m watching the remaining three as fast as I can.

I need to get to the bottom of this as much as Yoon Seo-ha!

The Bequeathed premieres on Netflix on January 19, 2024.


Director: Min Hong-nam
Writer: Yeon Sang-ho
Cast: Kim Hyun-joo, Park Hee-soon, Park Byeong-eun, Ryu Kyung-Soo, Park Sung-Hoon


After the death of an unknown uncle, a woman inherits a burial ground and finds herself in the center of a string of murders and dark secrets.

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