STOWAWAY on Netflix is a sci-fi thriller drama. The entire storyline plays out on a spaceship heading for Mars. Well, and a bit outside the actual ship. It’s slow-burn but extremely engaging. Read our full Stowaway movie review here!

STOWAWAY is a new Netflix sci-fi thriller drama. All three genres are heavily represented in this movie, but the drama genre is probably the main one. Just as was the case with The Midnight Sky though there is no actual comparison otherwise.

For one, the movie plays out on a spaceship heading for Mars as well as outside a ship in actual space. I was watching much of this movie with an aching heart and sweaty palms. Which is a good thing!

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A cast of just four actors

The cast of Stowaway does literally consist of just four actors. There’s the always amazing Toni Collette (who was robbed of many awards for her role in Hereditary) as the commander in charge, Marina Barnett. She’s an experienced astronaut who has already been on a similar assignment several times. She is well-liked, respected, and actually speaks with her own Australian accent.

Also on the spaceship with Barnett is the doctor Zoe Levenson, who is played by Anna Kendrick (The Voices, A Simple Favor) who I always enjoy seeing in any genre. And finally, the scientist David Kim, who is portrayed by another one of my favorites: Daniel Dae Kim (Lost TV series). 

Both deliver believable and heartfelt portrayals of their respective characters. And then there’s the title character, Michael Adams, who’s found on the spaceship after it has set course for its 2-year mission to Mars. He is portrayed by Shamier Anderson who you might know from the Wynonna Earp series or Karyn Kusama’s Detroyer (2018).

Michael Adams is an engineer who somehow ended up wounded inside the wall of the ship. And I will say this; I was a bit irritated that this was never much explained or described further. However, I recognize that it’s part of the style of this movie.

Stowaway (2021) Netflix Review

The ending of Stowaway on Netflix

The Stowaway movie ending is bound to leave people torn. The entire movie is a story that begins rather suddenly – with the crew arriving at an international spaceship – and ends just as suddenly. Obviously, I won’t say with what.

I will, however, say that while there are only four actors in this movie, there is actually a fifth character of sorts. Someone named “Jim” back on Earth who they communicate with when they need help.

However, we never really hear his voice. We’re only able to hear that someone is on the other end when Marina Barnett (Toni Collette) is speaking with him. It’s a bit strange at first – maybe even a tad annoying since we always crave to be “in the know”.

For me, it actually works perfectly to cement the feeling of being unable to do whatever you want. You get the “fly on the wall” experience and will have to make the most of it.

So, why am I talking about this Jim character now in regards to the ending? Well, not because he has anything to do with it. I can tell you that much. Instead, it’s because the ending of Stowaway is exactly the same kind of experience; You will leave with questions. You get the ending of this one story. That’s it.

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Joe Penna is the director and co-writer of Stowaway which he co-wrote with Ryan Morrison. The two also co-wrote Joe Penna’s directorial debut Arctic (2018) starring Mads Mikkelsen. Both movies obviously have the entire “trapped” element in common. Admittedly, Joe Penna has a tight grip on creating a very claustrophobic vibe in that sense.

Overall, Stowaway is definitely a character-based movie with a slow-burn vibe. However, I also found it to be extremely engaging in the way it focused on the tough decisions more than forced dramatic elements. Still, I do fear that people will start watching this movie expecting something different.

This is not an action-packed movie (though there are some thrilling moments). Instead, it’s about having to make tough decisions that you’ll have to live with afterward.

Stowaway is out on Netflix globally from April 22, 2021.


Director: Joe Penna
Writers: Joe Penna, Ryan Morrison
Stars: Toni Collette, Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson


On a mission headed to Mars, an unintended stowaway accidentally causes severe damage to the spaceship’s life support systems. Facing dwindling resources and a potentially fatal outcome, the crew is forced to make an impossible decision.

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