SOMEONE HAS TO DIE is a new Netflix mini-series from Spain and Mexico (org. title Alguien tiene que morir). This is a thriller with just three episodes and a great cast. Check it out if you enjoy thriller-mysteries with crime and drama. Read our full Someone Has to Die review here!

SOMEONE HAS TO DIE is a new Netflix mini-series. This Spanish-language series (org. title Alguien tiene que morir) is a Spanish and Mexican co-production. The story plays out in Spain during Franco’s reign which is evident in many ways. Everything creative and beautiful is pushed down while business and power are prevalent.

The genre is a thriller but you’ll also get elements of crime, mystery, and – of course – lots of drama. This limited series has just three episodes, each under one hour, so it’s a quick mini-series to get through.

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The cast of Netflix’ Alguien tiene que morir

Obviously, the English title is Someone Has to Die but the Spanish title means the same, so it’s just a translation. While I respect and understand translating a title, I really would encourage you to watch the mini-series in Spanish. Dubbing really doesn’t do the actors justice and for Someone Has to Die, we get a pretty damn wonderful cast.

To name just a few, we have Alejandro Speitzer in what seems to be the main protagonist in most ways. You’ll no doubt recognize him from the Netflix series Dark Desire (2020-) if you’ve watched that. As the father of his character, we have Ernesto Alterio who we saw very recently in the wonderful Netflix movie Unknown Origins (2020).

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Another key character is the Matriarch in the family. She’s portrayed by Carmen Maura who has done a lot of Pedro Almodóvar movies, so many will recognize her from one of these.

Fans of the Netflix series Elite will also see a very familiar face in this new mini-series. Ester Expósito (Carla on Élite) plays a key role as the girl meant to marry Gabino (Alejandro Speitzer). If you haven’t watched that particular series, then you could also recognize Ester Expósito if you’ve watched When Angels Sleep (2018). It wasn’t great, but that was hardly her fault.

Also, we only see him for a brief moment in episode 1, but Javier Pereira is also in this Netflix mini-series. If you’ve watched the excellent Spanish serial-killer movie May God Save Us (org. title Que Dios nos perdone) from 2016, then you’ll definitely remember and recognize him.

Someone Has to Die – Netflix Review

Watch the Someone Has to Die mini-series on Netflix now!

Someone Has to Die was created by Manolo Caro, who also directs all three episodes. Manolo Caro has quite a few productions under his belt as both writer and director already. He also directed Perfect Strangers (2018) which is definitely worth checking out. It’s labeled as a comedy, but it’s more of a drama-thriller by the end.

For the Someone Has to Die mini-series, two additional writers have written on all three episodes. They are Fernando Pérez and Monika Revilla. Both have worked on several TV series prior to this one, but nothing I’m familiar with.

Much of the plot in Someone Has to Die revolves around internal family drama as well as life in Spain under Franco. Finally, it’s about expectations and whether or not you’ll do what you want or what’s expected of you. Also, what are you willing to do (or give up) in order to follow your own desires. Check it out on Netflix now!

Someone Has to Die is out on Netflix worldwide from October 16, 2020.


Creator: Manolo Caro
Stars: Alejandro Speitzer, Ernesto Alterio, Carmen Maura, Mariola Fuentes, Isaac Hernández, Ester Expósito, Carlos Cuevas, Eduardo Casanova, Pilar Castro


In conservative 1950s Spain, the alleged relationship between a young man and a Mexican ballerino creates an uproar of harrowing consequences.

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