SIGNS is a new Netflix series from Poland with the original title Znaki. It’s a crime thriller that deals with a lot of small-town issues. Also, there are many characters in this Netflix series. Figuring out how they’re connected is quite the struggle. Read our Signs season 1 review here!

SIGNS is a new Netflix crime series from Poland. In case you haven’t watched any of the Polish series on Netflix already, I can tell you that the production quality is quite impressive.

Also, they do tend to feature some very interesting characters and engaging plots. One example is the Harlan Coben book that was moved to Poland in The Woods and another is the dark and brutal The Mire.

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A big-city cop in a small-town setting

In ways, Signs reminded me of the brilliant Belgian series The Break, but it never becomes that good. Both series feature a police detective with a substance abuse problem, who leaves the big city to work in a small town.

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Of course, working in a place like that comes with a whole heap of small-town issues. Including many strange and quirky characters who I did struggle to keep straight. Mostly in terms of how they’re all related to one another.

Also, there’s the issue of religion which has a big impact on events. You’ll know this from the very first episode which is otherwise a bit messy. Mostly due to all these characters, where many of them seem to share a home. Not that I’m sure why that is or exactly who is in a relationship with one another.

Of course, some of these unknown factors will be revealed as the story progresses. Still, it’s a bit much, to begin with. For me anyway, since I’d rather focus on the crime aspects of the plot in the Netflix series.

Signs: Season 1 – Netflix Review

Watch season 1 of Signs on Netflix

Despite having watched several Polish series on Netflix, I didn’t really recognize any of the actors. I thought I did, but then IMDb couldn’t tell me from what, so I’m not entirely sure. If you do like this series, then please do yourself a favor and check out the other productions from Poland. The production quality is very impressive.

Also, check out the serial killer movie The Plagues of Breslau which is also from Poland. A sort of Se7en inspired movie that really manages to hold its own. It’s also out on Netflix and should definitely be solid entertainment for fans of serial killer plots. You can read our review of The Plagues of Breslau here >

Season 1 of Signs (or Znaki in Polish) has eight 45-minute episodes, so it’s fairly quick to get through. Also, season 2 has already been released in Poland earlier this year, so it’s bound to be released on Netflix later as well.

All episodes in season 1 of Signs is out on Netflix from July 22, 2020.


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