SHIFTED on Screambox is a new horror movie that takes place mostly in one location. However, the story covers several classic horror elements. Including a serial killer and creatures that are taking over the world. Read our full Shifted horror movie review here!

SHIFTED is a new horror movie on Screambox. With a relatively short runtime, a low budget, and a single location, it manages to cover quite a lot of ground. Maybe even too much.

With a serial killer mystery (which isn’t a mystery to us viewers) and murderous creatures taking over the world in a zombie-like fashion, it’s a bit too much. Still, that’s not to say this doesn’t offer quite a lot of solid horror entertainment.

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The monsters are never the worst

The creature feature part of Shifted is definitely my favorite, so I almost wish this had been the focus. On the other hand, I also fully acknowledge that in most apocalyptic stories, humans are the real monsters. The ones you should really fear.

Mostly because we as humans fear what we don’t know the most. So, once we know what makes the creatures (who were all humans until infected) tick, we know how to fight them. What we don’t know how to fight is the person who’s supposed to be on our side.

In this horror movie, a group of people find themselves battling as a team as they’ve all sought refuge in the same house. In many ways, quite similar to Bird Box on Netflix. However, now food is in short supply and they need to find a plan to survive. This, of course, is when the surviving humans start scheming against one another.

Still, adding an actual serial killer to the mix seems like overkill.

Shifted (2022) – Review | Screambox Horror

A serial killer during the apocalypse

The opening scene of Shifted shows us a man killing his wife, and this is the man who goes on to become a full-blown serial killer. Yes, during the apocalypse. The guy is shady as f*ck while trying not to stand out. Or maybe that’s just because we know what he has done. And what he continues to do; Kill people in his own group of survivors.

The creatures themselves are actually done very well. There are practical effects that work really well, but also a smart use of showing things in shadows. Or from a distance. Even just by hearing people getting killed. A great way of making the most of your budget without compromising on horror.

So, the creatures are great, the serial killer not so much.

For the record, this is mostly due to the story writing and not the acting. Just to make that clear. I’m not blaming the actors for these choices.

Watch Shifted on Screambox!

The director of Shifted is Adrian Konstant, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jason T. Green. There is a lot of good in this horror movie, so I would definitely recommend checking it out on Screambox. My main issue with the movie is actually that a few tweaks could’ve made it so much better.

My real problem is probably that the opening scene feels like a strange spoof or parody. It’s just too over the top and the dialects are all over the place. It’s a strange way to open a movie that is essentially a creature feature in many ways. All while insisting on focusing on a serial killer plot.

However, having said that I do also feel that this is a very character-driven plot and it works really well in that sense. Like I just said; It just needed a few tweaks to hit harder – and be stronger!

Shifted is out on Screambox from April 18, 2023.


Director: Adrian Konstant
Writer: Adrian Konstant, Jason T. Green
Cast: Michael Wurtz, Derek Lackenbauer, Victoria Dunsmore, Brian Otto, Alyssa Anne Blasak, Zach Parsons, Jenna Gagliardi, Alyssa Schermel, Sean Rey, Adrian Konstant, Jason T. Green, Hayden Konstant, Kimberley Wells, Ron Vanderzwaag


Murderous creatures roam the streets, bringing certain death, as a group of neighbors becomes trapped and someone inside starts killing.

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