Seven in Heaven is a new Netflix Horror movie with elements of Sci-Fi with an alternate reality plot. The movie was produced by Universal and Blumhouse and quietly released on Netflix. This should tell you plenty!

Seven in Heaven is a new Netflix horror movie. Or rather, it’s listed as horror but has more of a sci-fi plot with an alternate reality (or alternative universe, if you will) driver.

The movie was produced by both Universal and Blumhouse, which screams theatrical release. Instead, it was released quietly on Netflix. Not even a trailer had been made for it.

This speaks volumes and when you watch Seven in Heaven, you realize why this method of release was chosen!

Alternative universe as a plot device

Personally, I love the whole “alternative reality” concept. And honestly, it is pretty damn horrifying to find yourself in a different reality. Suddenly you don’t know who your friends are and even your family behaves differently around you.

As such, it’s definitely a horror story. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that well in Seven in Heaven.

It starts out with a pretty interesting and engaging storyline, but end up a complete mess. So much is left unanswered and none of the main characters are likable.

Not by the ending, anyway!

Seven in Heaven (2018) Netflix Review

The ending of Seven in Heaven explained

Did you watch Seven in Heaven and didn’t quite get the ending? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And maybe part of the problem is the fact that the ending is very underwhelming.

To explain the ending of Seven in Heaven is to tear the movie apart. Some kids (sometimes) experience traveling to an alternate reality when they spend seven minutes in a strange closet within a closet. Why? Who the f*ck knows!

Any point the movie may have had in the beginning is completely ruined by the editing. Or maybe it’s the story itself. Why should I care about the two main characters? They clearly don’t care about anyone but themselves.

This alone ruins any feelings I may have had about them returning to their own reality. And the whole “real world” story of trying to keep cops and parents out of the party house? WTF is the point?

Who cares when two characters are trapped in another universe? Well, by the end, I don’t care!

Seven in Heaven or sex in 3 minutes

The movie had so much more potential than the end result shows. It feels like someone just gave up and figured “Let’s just get this movie out and cut our losses!”. The script must have been better than the end result. Otherwise, what’s the point.

I mean, the whole “3-minute sex scene” alone ruined everything that had been built up. For the record, there isn’t actually a sex scene that lasts three minutes. No, it’s an entire sexual encounter (from being dressed to getting their clothes back on) that lasts all of three minutes.

“Was it good?” Uh… I don’t even know how to answer that. But the gist of it is definitely a resounding no!

How about that casting?

The movie was written and directed by Chris Eigeman, who I hope is much better than this movie shows. It stars Travis Tope (Boardwalk Empire), and honestly, he’s in his mid-20s and too old to be playing a High School student. I felt trapped in the casting of Beverly Hills, 90210.

On the other hand, Jacinda Barrett (from the brilliant Netflix series Bloodline) is pretty awesome as his mother. Across from Travis Tope, she looks too young to be his mom. Mostly, it’s just that she looks much younger than she is. How’s that for a Hollywood twist?!

There’s a 19-year age difference between the two, so she could be his mom.

Also, you’ll get Gary Cole (Midnight Caller) in a key supporting role and Haley Ramm (Light as a Feather) acting across Travis Tope. They’re the two “teenagers” who spend seven minutes in a closet and walk out into an alternative universe reality.

The runtime is just around the 90-minute mark, so if you like the horror of weird alternate universes, then give it a whirl. Just don’t expect too much.

Seven in Heaven is out on Netflix now!


Director: Chris Eigeman
Cast: Jacinda Barrett, Travis Tope, Haley Ramm, Gary Cole


Two teenagers step into a secret closet and emerge in an alternate reality of illusions. They must find their way back before the door shuts forever.

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