ROSA PERAL’S TAPES on Netflix is a true crime documentary from Spain (org. title: Las Cintas de Rosa Peral). It features the case from the new BURNING BODY mini-series. Both are released on Netflix on the same day – and you really should watch both. Read our full Rosa Peral’s Tapes documentary review here!

ROSA PERAL’S TAPES is a new Netflix true crime documentary from Spain (org. title: Las Cintas de Rosa Peral). This documentary is about the same case featured in the Netflix series Burning Body. Both the mini-series and this documentary are getting released on Netflix at the same time, and I definitely recommend watching them both.

In fact, you should watch the documentary last to get an idea of just how much the series rehashed what the tabloids focused on. I’m not saying she isn’t guilty of murder or didn’t take part in the crime somehow. What I am saying is the same as her lawyer; Where is the actual proof?

Continue reading our Rosa Peral’s Tapes documentary review below. On Netflix from September 8, 2023.

Hear from Rosa Peral herself

The Rosa Peral’s Rapes documentary features the first interview with Rosa Peral from prison. In fact, the documentary has several short interviews as they’re conducted via a sort of Facetime, but they only get around 10 minutes for each call.

As well as seeing and hearing Rosa Peral tell her side of things, we see clips from the actual trial and hear from key figures. These key figures include both Rosa Peral’s defense attorney, the prosecutor, and several journalists.

Let me just start by saying that a few of these journalists (a woman, in particular) absolutely disgust me. They have convinced themselves that somehow it’s their job to completely ruin the character of someone by revealing all the secrets they can find.

However, there’s also one really good journalist. He speaks very honestly about getting carried away and even refers to one of the articles he wrote at the time. Stating very honestly that he was ashamed to read his own words now. For one, he called her a “stripper”. Something she never was, but he heard this mentioned and ran with it.

Rosa Peral’s Tapes – Review | Netflix Documentary

A mockery of a trial

For me, seeing the clips from the trial was the most aggravating experience. The prosecutor has no real evidence, so he goes after the character of Rosa Peral and just makes up a story. Hollywood could not have written a better story. Neither could the Spanish screenwriters behind the new Netflix series Burning Body, apparently. They’ve gone with everything this guy came up with.

There is a constant and grotesque focus on who Rosa Peral was involved with. However, let’s be clear, she could have relations with everyone in that courtroom that she desired and it still would not be evidence that she murdered anyone.

Absolutely grotesque to watch this and hear him spin this strange tale. Describing what happened as facts when it is simply what could help him paint her as a killer. Again, with no real evidence. It is a mockery of a trial and a stain on justice.

The father of Rosa Peral is also in this documentary and it’s definitely interesting to hear his take on the case.

Watch Rosa Peral’s Tapes on Netflix now!

The creator of this documentary is Carlos Agulló, and while I really don’t like that the title brings to mind The Ted Bundy Tapes, I did like the documentary. Admittedly, it does very little to explain the actual case, so it’s paramount that you’re familiar with it. Instead, the documentary focuses on hearing the people involved in the trial.

As already stated, the trial is a joke. It felt like it was taking place 50 years ago, and not as recently as it was.

Then again, it also just reminded me of watching Making a Murderer. Another case where I don’t know who did what or why, but it’s very obvious that there was no compelling evidence. Yet these prosecutors make up a theory and just ignore any facts that don’t fit their narrative while being fine with getting someone convicted with no factual proof.

Rosa Peral’s Tapes is on Netflix on September 8, 2023.


This true-crime documentary film features Rosa Peral’s first interview from prison since she was convicted of murdering her partner aided by an ex-lover.

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