SLAXX is a new Shudder horror-comedy about killer jeans. Yes, jeans that kill. It’s kitsch, campy, and very bloody. Also, as any good horror-comedy (or movie, in general) there’s definitely an important moral to this story. Read our full Slaxx movie review here!

SLAXX is a new Shudder horror-comedy that has a lot going for it. Including a runtime just shy of 80 minutes. However, even with this short runtime, it did feel just a tad too long.

The story centers on a pair of killer jeans that are about to be launched. While the movie offers some crazy death scenes and lots of blood, it’s all with a very comedic twist. Well, except for the key moral of the story which has to do with our desire for cheaper stuff and just more of everything.

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Killer Jeans out for blood

I really liked the very basic concept of killer jeans that are literally out for blood. And yes, there is an explanation for how this has come to be. In fact, it’s tied into the more serious element of Slaxx which has to do with the moral of the story. It probably won’t come as a surprise that it has to do with our extreme need for more stuff, cheaper, and faster.

It’s hell for the climate, workers in third world countries, and just the future of the world. So, you know, no biggie!

And don’t worry, if you don’t care about any of this – even if it means you’re probably not paying attention – then you should have no problem ignoring the message. No need to fear that this ruins the overall entertainment value. In fact, I feel that it added to the quality of my movie-watching experience but it isn’t key to the entertainment value.

Slaxx – Shudder Review

Watch Slaxx on Shudder!

Patricia Gomez and Elza Kephart are the screenwriters behind Slaxx which was directed by Elza Kephart. This isn’t the first horror-comedy feature film from the duo since they also made Graveyard Alive (2003) with the same setup. That particular movie was about a “shy nurse bitten by a zombie and becoming a flesh-eating sex kitten”.

And yes, I want to watch that movie now because that is one hell of a plot description. Just like “jeans that kill” was more than enough of a setup for me to seek out Slaxx. What can I say, I’m a simple girl who likes my horror served with a heavy helping of comedy sometimes. Well, either that or pure dread and fear!

The Slaxx movie is released as streaming exclusively on Shudder. It’s kitsch, campy, and very bloody with lots of funny moments with important messages. Also, it’s entertaining and should be worth the time of any horror-comedy fan!

SLAXX will stream exclusively to Shudder on March 18, 2021, in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.


Director: Elza Kaphert
Writers: Elza Kaphert, Patricia Gomez
Stars: Romane Denis, Brett Donahue, Sehar Bhojani, Kenny Wong, Tianna Nori, Hanneke Talbot


A possessed pair of jeans is brought to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a trendy clothing company. Shipped to the company’s flagship store, Slaxx proceeds to wreak carnage on staff locked in overnight to set up the new collection.

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