OUT OF DARKNESS is a new survival horror movie that takes place 45,000 years ago. While a bit too long, it’s quite fascinating. Also, the use of practical effects is the right choice. Read our full Out of Darkness movie review here!

OUT OF DARKNESS is a horror movie in the survival niche, but very much unlike the typical survival horror movies. This one takes place a whopping 45,000 years ago. This makes for a very intriguing setting where everything is dangerous: The dark and cold, lack of food and water, as well as virtually everything in nature.

Despite a runtime of just 1 hour and 27 minutes, it felt too long. However, with such a fascinating setting, I was very intrigued throughout. The decision to focus on practical effects is also much appreciated. Anything else would’ve felt weird in this very brutal and rough setting.

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Life in the Old Stone Age

I love how genre movies can also help you learn about other cultures and even other periods. For Out of Darkness, we’re not “just” in the Old West or during a World War. Oh no, we’re back to the actual Old Stone Age. The story is set 45,000 years ago, where we follow six individuals who are starving and desperate.

When we first meet the six, they have struggled across the narrow sea in search of a new (and better) home. Already exhausted, they are not off to a great start. Even just finding shelter is turning out to be difficult. They find themselves in the middle of the tundra but with the view of mountains that should have caves for them.

Unfortunately, it’s a very long walk, and when night falls, they are still out in the very open, barren, and vast land. They soon realize that they are not as alone as they expected and fear sets in. Relationships within the group – which are already tense – begin to fracture.

When one young woman (Safia Oakley-Green) realizes that her “coming of age” means she’ll be at the mercy of the man leading the group, she takes action into her own hands. Terrible actions must be taken to survive, and the outside dangers suddenly aren’t what she fears the most.

Out of Darkness – Review | Survival Horror Movie

A whole new world and language

Not only does Out of Darkness introduce us to a whole new world, set thousands of years ago, but we also get to hear a new language. Admittedly, I was afraid we’d be subjected to some weird English accent. Usually British or with a strange German or Scandinavian twist as if that makes it “old” somehow.

That’s why I was very pleasantly surprised when they spoke an entirely different language. One made for this movie. So what language do they speak in Out of Darkness? It’s a bespoke language called “Tola”. It was developed specifically for the Out of Darkness movie by a linguist and an archaeologist.

It’s so nerdy and detailed and I absolutely adore it!

Also, it was shot on location in the Scottish Highlands which has a nature that is both brutal and beautiful.

Along with Safia Oakley-Green (The Burning Girls), the cast of Out of Darkness features Kit Young (Shadow and Bone), Chuku Modu (Captain Marvel, The Peripheral), and Iola Evans (Choose or Die).

Watch Out of Darkness in theaters

Andrew Cumming is the director of Out of Darkness which he also came up with the story for along with Oliver Kassman. The actual screenplay was written by Ruth Greenberg, who made her feature film debut as a screenwriter with this movie. I feel very confident Ruth Greenberg is a name we will get quite familiar with.

Oliver Kassman is also a producer on the movie, and we know him in this role from another movie, which we absolutely adored: Saint Maude (2019). To be honest, this fact alone would be enough for me to give this movie a chance. However, you should also give it a chance because it is truly a fascinating and strong experience!

Out of Darkness had its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival followed by its North American premiere at Fantastic Fest. It was nominated for five British Independent Film Awards, where Safia Oakley-Green won for breakthrough performance. When you’ve watched this, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it’s earned!

Out of Darkness is out Only In Theaters from February 9, 2024.


Director: Andrew Cumming
Writer: Ruth Greenberg
Cast: Safia Oakley-Green, Chuku Modu, Kit Young, Iola Evans, Arno Lüning, Luna Mwezi


A small boat reaches the shores of a raw and desolate landscape. A group of six have struggled across the narrow sea to find a new home. They are starving, desperate, and living 45,000 years ago. First they must find shelter, and they strike out across the tundra wastes towards the distant mountains that promise the abundant caves they need to survive. But when night falls, anticipation turns to fear and doubt as they realize they are not alone.

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