Night Land is just 11 minutes long, but that doesn’t keep it from being every bit as engaging and scary as any feature film out there!

night land short movie reviewThere’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t check out Night Land right away. I mean, it’s online for you to watch. Free of charge. And even better; It’s damn good!

Don’t you just love it when up-and-coming filmmakers share their creations for free? I mean, I respect that there’s a need to make money and I am prepared to pay for my movies. Always! But when something is shared for free and it’s good?! That’s one hell of a bargain.

Christian Burnett directed this short film, which is his second short film production. He previously made one called Cut Short, which I haven’t watched yet.

But if Night Land is any indication of what he has to offer as a filmmaker, then I will have to check it out.

This particular short film takes place in just one spot really. On a deserted road in the UK. But trust me, it won’t feel very deserted once you get into the story!

Night Land is a stronger movie than many feature films

Honestly, short films do have the advantage of being short. Duh, I know. But seriously, if you watch a lot of movies, then you know how even a decent movie can screw it all up within the last 15 minutes. You don’t get that with a short movie. Probably a reason why I also love horror anthologies, which is essentially a bunch of short movies compiled into a feature film length product.

In any case… Night Land isn’t just good for a short film. It’s just good, period.

night land horror short film

Whether Burnett can pull off the same kind of eerie setting and intensity with a feature film remains to be seen. But I will definitely be there to watch any attempt. Also, I wouldn’t complain if he made a few more short films like Night Land in the meantime.

Oh yeah, and he can go ahead and charge money for us to watch it. A short film like Night Land is worth your money. Though I can understand the idea of getting your work out to as many people as possible now. Hopefully, it will reach all the right people and we’ll be reviewing his feature film debut within a few years.

Watch the Night Land short film for free right here >

Night Land won Best Horror Short at the European Short Film Festival and was nominated Best Horror Short at Nightmares Film Festival 2016.


Director: Christian Burnett
Writer: Christian Burnett
Cast: Katie Payne, Jessica Swallow, Christopher Hanvey


A young pregnant couple must drive through a dense ash cloud which has plunged a section of the UK into darkness. A terrifying encounter on their journey forces them to make a life changing decision.

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