MEANDER is a Sci-Fi Horror movie from France with both French and English dialogue. However, it really doesn’t matter since dialogue is sparse and it’s all about the actions. It might seem like a Cube copycat on the surface but it’s really not. Read our Meander movie review here!

MEANDER is a Sci-Fi Horror movie that works remarkably well. When I first heard about the plot of this movie, I immediately thought of the iconic (and absolutely awesome) Canadian movie Cube from 1997. Then I saw some stills from the movie and thought of the new Netflix movie Oxygen.


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In reality, this movie has elements from both but offers up a story that is entirely its own. Also, while this movie is from France (org. title Méandre), there isn’t much dialogue, so don’t worry about that. Instead, worry about all the crazy challenges our main protagonist has to go through.

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Gaia Weiss is perfect for genre productions!

Gaia Weiss stars in Meander as Lisa, a woman who has given up on life after losing her child. On a night when she’s ready to take her own life, she comes across a man who turns out to (probably!) be the serial killer everyone is currently hunting. The next thing she knows, she wakes up in some kind of steel box.

And yes, this is when the whole Cube elements – or Escape Room vibe, if you will – kicks into high gear. It’s also when Lisa realizes that she’s not quite ready to leave this life yet. What happens next (this is just a few minutes into this movie) is a straight-up nightmare that just gets continuously worse. As bad as it can get really!

Gaia Weiss is perfect in the lead and has all the making of being a horror final girl. If you’re a fan of the Vikings series, you may recognize her as “Porunn” from that series. Also, she’s in the French zombie / alternative period piece Netflix series La Révolution. You can read our season 1 review of La Révolution here >

Also, we’ll see her again soon in the horror movies Shepherd and The Bunker Game as well as the thriller Victims. All three genre movies are either completed or in post-production, so we have plenty to look forward to.

Meander – Horror Movie Review

Watch Meander in theaters and on VOD

Mathieu Turi is the writer and director of this new Sci-Fi Horror movie. Meander is only the second feature film for Mathieu Turi as both writer and director. His debut came in 2017 with the sci-fi horror movie Hostile so this director has definitely chosen his genre.

Prior to his feature film debut, he had written and directed two short films. However, his career started before this when he worked as an “assistant director” in various capacities. For one, he was a “first assistant director” on the 2012 horror anthology The ABCs of Death and also worked on the 2014 Rosemary’s Baby mini-series.

Whatever he has done in the past, Mathieu Turi certainly knows how to create intensity and fear with this new sci-fi horror movie. If you like watching movies that never let up and just keeps pushing you forward, then Meander is definitely worth checking out. Also, with a runtime of just under 90 minutes, you can enjoy this movie as the genre treat it is!

Meander is out in theaters and on VOD on July 9, 2021.


Writer & Director: Mathieu Turi
Stars: Gaia Weiss, Peter Franzén, Romane Libert


After getting a car ride from an unknown man, Lisa wakes up in a tube. On her arm is strapped a bracelet with a countdown. She quickly understands that every 10 minutes, fire burns an occupied section. She has no choice but to crawl into safe sections to survive. To know why she’s there and how to get out, Lisa will have to face the memories of her dead daughter…

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