Immortals is a new vampire series on Netflix now. The show is from Turkey (org. title Yasamayanlar) and while the production quality is impressive, the style is a bit dated. You can watch Season 1 on Netflix now. Find out if you should in this review!

Immortals is the new Turkish vampire series on Netflix. Season 1 is out now and yes, there is English dubbing available. As always, I recommend watching it in its original language and use subtitles, but I realize this isn’t for everyone.

The series already premiered in its native Turkey, under the name Yasamayanlar. In other words, this should be somewhat of a guarantee that audiences liked it.

Whether it will be a success on Netflix remains to be seen. You never know with these foreign shows, but if you like vampire stories, you should give it a chance.

A touch of Bollywood from Turkey

While watching the very first episode of Immortals, I couldn’t help but think of Bollywood productions. It has this style of being just a bit too much over the top. The villains are very obvious and so are the good guys.

Also, there’s the use of exaggerated sound effects which you might find a bit funny. I certainly did and I really don’t think this was the intention of the creators. But when a simple punch to a sandbag sounds like something from a Wii game, then you’ve gone too far.

Another Bollywood-esque element is the use of color. Instead of vibrant colors of nature, we’re dealing more with neon pink and blue. It’s well done though, so I can’t really fault it. Well, except for thinking it’s a bit too overused.

Immortals: Season 1 Review Netflix Series

Extremely stereotypical characters

As stated in the above, you will know exactly who the bad guys and good guys are from the moment you see them. It’s all very stereotypical and I like my villains (and heroes) to be a bit more nuanced.

This also means you will be able to guess pretty much the entire plot of episode 1.

I will say that the character of Mia (Elçin Sangu) is one of those more nuanced. She’s been turned into a vampire by Dmitry (Kerem Bürsin) and needs to kill him to become human again. That’s pretty much the concept of Immortals

Also, Immortals has a Netflix rating of +18 so expect both blood and sex. To me, the first episode didn’t really give cause for this rather drastic rating, but maybe I’m just too desensitized.

Watch Season 1 of Immortals on Netflix now!

Season 1 of Immortals consists of 8 episodes and they are (of course) all on Netflix now. If you like series about vampires then I certainly think you should give this Turkish version a chance.

The series begins by describing that vampires are quite different from what we think from other vampire stories. They draw on folklore, myth, and legends to build this vampire world and it works pretty well. 

Immortals isn’t my new favorite vampire show. Instead, I feel like watching True Blood again, but this new Turkish story does have interesting points.

Immortals (org. title Yasamayanlar) is on Netflix with Season 1 from March 8, 2019.


Stars: Kerem Bürsin, Elçin Sangu, Birkan Sokullu, Selma Ergeç, Nilperi Sahinkaya, Efecan Senolsun


Driven by revenge, human-turned-vampire Mia sets out to vanquish Dmitry, a ruthless vampire leader who seeks an artifact that grants immortality.

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