HOUSE OF THE WITCH is a new horror movie on Netflix. The plot revolves around a Halloween prank gone wrong since it’s in a haunted house. Basically, this makes October the perfect month to release it on Netflix. Read more in our House of the Witch review here!

House of the Witch is a new horror movie on Netflix. The additional genres for the movie are fantasy and mystery, while the plot features a Halloween prank gone wrong. Also, it takes place in a haunted house and there’s a witch involved as well – but the title pretty much gives that away.

Anyway, all these facts alone were enough for me to give this movie a chance on Netflix. Maybe it’s just because we’re finally in the month of October and gearing up to Halloween, but I was actually pretty excited for this movie. Turns out you probably shouldn’t expect too much. The effects are quite impressive for a low budget TV movie, but the story isn’t great.

Check out our full House of the Witch review below to find out if this Netflix addition is for you!

The cast of this new horror movie on Netflix

Most of you probably won’t be all that familiar with the cast in House of the Witch. Fortunately, you don’t have to know the actors to appreciate their acting. Those that deliver a strong performance anyway because not all of them are that great.

Then again, the story isn’t the best and some of the lines are downright cringeworthy, so I can’t blame the young actors too much.

Emily Bader (Charmed) stars as Lana and does a very good job. The same goes for Darren Mann as Shane. In fact, I’ve seen Darren Mann named a “rising star” quite a few places and I have to agree with this. I really like him from the first time he’s on the screen in House of the Witch.

You may recognize him from his role in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Even if you haven’t seen him before, you’ll probably get to know him soon.

House of the Witch (2017) Netflix Review

The ending of House of the Witch

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for you since this isn’t one of those “the ending explained” bits. You need to watch House of the Witch to get the actual ending. At least, I think you should do this rather than look for spoilers. Afterall, knowing the plot twists in advance does take away from the movie-watching experience of seeing it first-hand.

However, just like an awesome dessert can save even the most mediocre meal, an awesome ending to a movie can do a lot to raise the overall impression you’re left with. The ending of House of the Witch did actually improve the overall experience for me – even if it wasn’t crazy innovative or anything.

Without giving away too much, I will say that a lot of people die in House of the Witch. I mean, it’s a horror movie with a plot that involves a haunted house and a witch. Oh yeah, and it takes place on Halloween. All of these elements equals a whole lot of deaths. Much like the brilliant haunted house horror movie Haunt (2019) which we highly recommend.

*minor spoiler coming up* For House of the Witch, the ending includes deaths and some survival. Or rather, maybe someone being saved from death by being brought back to life. Stranger things have happened on Halloween Eve… in horror movies anyway.

Watch House of the Witch on Netflix now!

Alex Merkin directed House of the Witch which seems perfectly in line with the rest of his resume as a director. Most of the movies he’s done are in the horror and/or thriller genre and he clearly has a knack for it. The screenplay was written by Neil Elman who also wrote I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013). 

With House of the Witch being released on October 1st, it does seem like Netflix is offering up a little Halloween treat from the very beginning of the the season. I mean, every horror fan agrees that Halloween is the entire month of October, right? Just like Christmas is all of December. I don’t make the rules, I just make the most of them.

If you want to begin this year’s Halloween season with a little treat, check out this latest Netflix addition. It might not be much, but it does the trick – to a small degree anyway.

House of the Witch is out on Netflix in the US from October 1, 2019.


Director: Alex Merkin
Writer: Neil Elman
Stars: Emily Bader, Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph


A group of daring teens finds themselves in a fight for their lives inside a haunted house when a sinister spirit crashes their Halloween party.

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