HOME FOR RENT on Netflix is a new horror movie from Thailand with a fascinating story and a strong character-driven plot. It’s a movie told in three parts from individual perspectives, which works extremely well. Read our full Home for Rent movie review here!

HOME FOR RENT is a Netflix horror movie from Thailand that works remarkably well. I never know quite what to expect from Thai horror movies, but I have been very pleasantly surprised many times. In other words, please don’t rob yourself of watching horror movies from Thailand. As with any other country, there are hits and misses.


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For me, this new Netflix addition is a huge hit. Especially due to its character-driven storyline and a plot that evolves and escalates in very unexpected ways.

Continue reading our Home for Rent movie review below. Find it on Netflix in multiple countries from August 10, 2023.

Home for Rent is based on true events

This new 2023 Thai horror movie on Netflix has a very simple plot. A family rents out their house and moves into a condo, they also own. And yes, there is a reason for this, which is what the movie opens with. The new tenants aren’t as innocent and “normal” as they first appear.

In fact, it turns out (rather quickly), that they are members of a dark cult. A cult that seems to have set its sights on the husband and daughter of the family that owns the house.

I’m always quite iffy when the “based on true events”-label is used. When it comes to Home for Rent, it’s actually the lighter “Inspired by true events” that have been used. I can much easier relate to this as it can mean the idea for the screenplay was inspired by a tiny news blurp. Not an actual story based on something that actually happened.

And, let’s be real, if you’ve watched a series like How to Become a Cult Leader on Netflix, it’s easy to be inspired by any one of these stories.

Home for Rent (2023) – Review | Netflix | Thai Horror

A story told from several perspectives *minor spoilers*

When I saw that Home for Rent had a runtime of just over two hours, I started getting nervous. Far too often, a long runtime means a lot of slow burn or a story that goes in too many directions. For this Thai horror movie, there is a very good reason for the long runtime.

Not unlike One Cut of the Dead, which is a brilliant Japanese horror-comedy that was recently remade.

In One Cut of the Dead, we see a story unfold and it all seems a bit off and weird. Then we go back and see things unfold from a different perspective. Home for Rent does the same thing but in its own way.

First, we see everything unfold from the mother’s point of view, where the father seems cold and distant. Then we get to see everything from the father’s point-of-view and another layer is added to the story. Finally, we also get to see part of the story from the POV of the cult leader.

Twists, turns, and crazy escalation

However, please don’t worry that this movie is full of repetition. It isn’t. Instead, there are key moments in Home for Rent that we see from three different perspectives. Anchors in the story if you will. The rest of the movie shows three very different stories that just happen to all be connected.

Both in unexpected and somewhat predictable ways as it all escalates.

And, good Lord, does it ever escalate. This is one hell of a creepy story that also has a lot of heart and compassion. A gorgeous production and stellar performances from the core cast of mother Ning (Nittha Jirayungyurn), father Kwin (Sukollawat Kanarot), and their young daughter Ing (Thanyaphat Mayuraleela).

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Home for Rent is directed by Sophon Sakdaphisit, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Tanida Hantaweewatana. You may not know the name Sophon Sakdaphisit, but you may want to remember it. I’ve seen him referred to as the Thai James Wan, and it’s actually not a bad way to describe this genre creator.

Please note: As with any foreign names originally written in another alphabet, you’ll see various spellings in English. We’ve used the IMDb version, but another is Sopon Sukdapisit. Also, he uses the more international first name of “Jim” as seen on his Twitter (sorry, I mean “X”) profile, where he lists his name as Jim Sophon while his handle is @sakdaphisist.


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Sophon Sakdaphisit also co-wrote the 2004 Thai horror hit Shutter. That particular movie had a US remake in 2008, and I can easily see Home for Rent remade as well. In fact, I think the story is so good that I would hope a remake stayed very true to this original. Changing as little as possible.

If you check out this Thai horror movie on Netflix (and you really should!), then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the very universal story. Give this one a chance and you will be rewarded with a very strong story and gorgeous production.

Home for Rent is on Netflix in many countries from August 10, 2023. In the US, it will be on Netflix on February 10, 2024.


Director: Sophon Sakdaphisit
Writers: Tanida Hantaweewatana, Sophon Sakdaphisit
Stars: Nittha Jirayungyurn, Sukollawat Kanarot, Penpak Sirikul, Thanyaphat Mayuraleela, Namfon Pakdee, Suphithak Chatsuriyawong, Natniphaporm Ingamornrat, Pawarisa Surathin


When her good tenants go bad, a landlord finds herself terrorized by a cult that seemingly has her husband enthralled — and her daughter in its sights.

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