GOOD MORNING, VERÔNICA is a new Netflix series from Brazil (org. title Bom Dia, Verônica). We’re in the crime-mystery genre with a focus on cases involving abused women. Read our full Good Morning, Verônica review here, and check out season 1 on Netflix!

GOOD MORNING, VERÔNICA is a new Netflix series in the crime, drama, and mystery genres. It’s from Brazil (org. title Bom Dia, Verônica) which is becoming an increasingly big origin country for Netflix productions.

However, this is actually the first Netflix original thriller from Brazil. Many previous productions have been either in the sci-fi and horror genres or have been produced outside Netflix and then distributed by the streaming giant afterward.

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Continue reading our full Good Morning, Verônica review below. Season 1 has eight 45-minute episodes.

Good Morning, Verônica: Season 1 – Netflix Review

Abuse and murder of women

The Brazilian Netflix series Good Morning, Verônica features a police clerk, Verônica (Tainá Müller) taking matters into her own hands. She sees that nothing (or barely anything) is being done to solve cases involving abused women. This just will not stand, so she looks into two cases, which she believes can be solved.

It is absolutely terrifying to see how quickly the chief of police dismisses cases and blames the victims. Unfortunately, this also sounds very familiar and realistic. Alongside active cases, we also follow a woman in an abusive relationship with a serial killer, which is brutal to watch.

While the subject of this Brazilian Netflix series is extremely important, what really works for it is the fact that it’s well made and acted. The stories are engaging from the very beginning and the characters are flawed in exactly the ways that make them seem real. Also, all actors deliver some truly impressive performances!

Good Morning, Verônica: Season 1 – Netflix Review

Watch Good Morning, Verônica on Netflix now!

Good Morning, Verônica is based on the critically acclaimed crime novel written by criminologist Ilana Casoy and writer Raphael Montes. Previously, Raphael Montes wrote the TV series Romance Policial: Espinosa (2015) and co-wrote the movie Praça Paris (2017).

The series itself was created and adapted by Raphael Montes as well. Scripts were also written by him along with co-author of the novel, Ilana Casoy, and writers Gustavo Bragança, Davi Kolb, and Carol Garcia. The directors working on season 1 of this series are José Henrique Fonseca, Rog de Souza, and Izabel Jaguaribe.

Season 1 of Good Morning, Verônica has eight episodes, so this is fairly quick to get through and you should be hooked by the first episode. I know I was!

Season 1 of Good Morning, Verônica is out on Netflix from October 1, 2020.


Creator: Raphael Montes
Stars: Tainá Müller, Antônio Grassi, Elisa Volpatto, Jeferson Rodrigues, Aline Borges, Camila Morgado, Eduardo Moscovis, Adriano Garib, Silvio Guindane


Verônica Torres works as a clerk at the Homicide Police Station in Sao Paulo, where she lives a bureaucratic routine within the system. Married and mother of two, she finds herself facing the abyss when she witnesses a suicide that brings painful past wounds back. That same week, she receives the anonymous call from a desperate woman crying out for her life. Determined, Verônica decides to use all her investigative skills to dive into the cases of the two victims: the young suicide girl, deceived by a scammer on the internet, and the subjugated wife of an intelligent serial killer. As she goes deeper into these investigations, Veronica will face a wicked world that endangers her family and her very existence.

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