GANGS OF GALICIA on Netflix is a new Spanish thriller crime series (org. title: Clanes). Unfortunately, it offers soapy paint-by-numbers storytelling. Read our Gangs of Galicia series review here!

GANGS OF GALICIA is a new Netflix series from Spain (org. title: Clanes). It’s a thriller, crime, and drama hybrid about drug dealers (or traffickers, really) and the people who want to take them down.

This is interesting enough in itself, but the storytelling is predictable and soapy. Relationship drama is often at the forefront and I just can’t help but feel it could’ve been so much better. The season has 7 episodes, which is also too much.

Continue reading our Gangs of Galicia series review below. It’s on Netflix from June 21, 2024.

Based on a true story

The new Netflix series Gangs of Galicia (org. title: Clanes) is inspired by a true story. The true story is the one that resulted in Operation Nécora. This was the first major raid against drug networks in Galicia.

I doubt the “true story” also had as much relationship drama at the forefront of this drug raid operation, but what do I know?!

In Gangs of Galicia, we meet the lawyer, Ana (Clara Lago) on the day when her father dies. This is also part of the opening scene. At the reading of his last will and testament, she learns the truth about her father. More precisely, the life he had before he met her mother.

This leads to Ana heading to the small town of Cambados. As with any small town, a new arrival doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone. Especially not a new lawyer.

Daniel (Tamar Novas) is the son of an incarcerated drug trafficker. He is also the de facto head of the “Padín clan” while dear ol’ dad is in prison. As the head of the clan, he also needs to take care of business, which is drug trafficking.

Ana sees Daniel as her way to finally know all about her father and settle a few scores.

Also in the cast of Gangs of Galicia (or Clanes) are Nuno Gallego (Élite), Tomás del Estal (The Vault), Melania Cruz (Malencolía), Miguel de Lira (Cuñados), Francesc Garrido (Jaguar), Diego Anido (The Beasts), and María Pujalte (Toy Boy).

Gangs of Galicia – Review | Netflix Thriller Series | Clanes

Soapy and lackluster

As someone who loves Spanish genre productions and even has a soft spot for (some!) soap operas and their flamboyant and wacky style, I don’t want to call Gangs of Galicia “soapy”. Yet, if the shoe fits and all that… this is soapy.

What’s much worse in my book is the fact that it’s also very lackluster. There is no passion or flair for the truly dramatic. Instead, it’s the kind of story where we already know who will hook up.

We can almost predict the final scene of episode 7 by the end of episode 1. Well, I felt like I could anyway and my eyes did a wild roll when the season finale came around.

And yes, I say “season finale” and not “series finale” as it’s left very open for a season 2. Will we get Gangs of Galicia season 2? I have no idea, but I can tell you that I’m not interested in it.

Watch Gangs of Galicia on Netflix

Jorge Guerricaechevarría (Sister Death) is the creator and screenwriter of this new Netflix fiction series. Based on a true story, sure, but focusing on personal drama rather than the thriller aspect. Roger Gual (The Mess You Leave Behind) is the director.

There was so much more potential in this series than what we were given. It’s a shame that the easy, middle-of-the-road approach was decided on.

The kind of storytelling spread out over seven episodes is so easy to follow it feels like they expect the audience to be on the phone while watching it. Well, isn’t that the classic “chicken or the egg?” conundrum?

If the storytelling was tighter, no one would reach for their phone in the first place. Look, this isn’t a bad series. It just isn’t very good either and it isn’t anything I want to spend much time on. A shame because it’s important and interesting, but not with that focus.

Gangs of Galicia is out on Netflix from June 21, 2024.


Creator: Jorge Guerricaechevarría
Director: Roger Gual
Writer: Jorge Guerricaechevarría
Cast: Clara Lago, Tamar Novas, Xosé Antonio Touriñán, Chechu Salgado, Melania Cruz, Miguel de Lira, Francesc Garrido, Diego Anido, María Pujalte


When her father’s murder reveals a hidden double life, a lawyer seeks revenge by infiltrating a Galician drug cartel and becoming close to its leader.

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