The claustrophobic thriller Flipped has some very serious topics at the heart of its story

We start out very simply by establishing that the main character is a celebrity. Exactly what kind comes later, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the fact that we’ll soon be watching most of the remaining movie upside down.

Flipped Blood RushThe original title of Flipped was Blood Rush (and before this the working title was Upside Down). And you just might end up thinking either could’ve been a more appropriate title.

Look, I understand the point of her being upside down, but it is exhausting to watch a movie that way. You just get tired because your eyes and head wants things to be flipped (touché!) and it becomes distracting instead of furthering the story. With a very similar plot, the movie Curve (starring Julianne Hough) handled this in a much smarter way.

More thriller than horror

Flipped is a lot more thriller and drama than horror, even though some elements are typical horror. And those elements still work here. Unfortunately, you will find yourself getting annoyed at the main character, Nicole Diamond. Especially when she doesn’t do the things she should do to save herself.

Still, I can’t blame the lead actress, Stella Maeve (The Magicians), who really is on her own for most of the movie. Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs) is only a voice on the phone. Stella Maeve handles herself well, but I have to give credit to Madsen for being the perfect horror villain with just his voice.

Harris Demel directed this movie and also co-wrote the script with Rob Greenberg. For Demel, this is his debut on both counts.

While I truly appreciate what they’re both trying to do with the story – which touches on some very serious issues – I was a bit too exhausted by the time we got to the ending. I will say this though; It ended on a strong note. This means I have no problem recommending that you watch this movie. Just be ready for a bit of a headache!

Flipped is out On Demand now.


Director: Harris Demel
Writer: Harris Demel, Rob Greenberg
Cast:  Nicholas Braun, Mackenzie Davis, Josh Fadem


A famous model, trapped inside her upside-down car, reaches a mysterious stranger on her cell phone. However, roadside assistance is the last thing on this stranger’s agenda

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