DEATH WHISPERER on Netflix is a new Thai horror movie (org. title: Tee Yod). It was so successful that it has a sequel coming out later this year. Horror fans should enjoy the use of practical effects. Read our Death Whisperer movie review here!

DEATH WHISPERER is a new Netflix horror movie addition. This 2023 horror movie is from Thailand (org. title: Tee Yod) and has a runtime of two hours. And yes, unfortunately, the runtime was too long for my liking.

Where South Korean horror movies use their long runtimes for character-driven stories, this movie had more of a “direct” approach. Lots of practical effects that should please old-school horror fans who enjoy Sam Raimi movies. To name just one of the horror masters fond of practical effects.

You can continue reading our Death Whisperer movie review below. Find it on Netflix from April 10, 2024.

Oh yes, there will be blood

From the opening scene of Death Whisperer, it is very obvious that there will be a lot of blood in this horror movie. We see a girl who has been ill (or, more likely, possessed) who seems to be shredded from the inside and starts bleeding out.

It’s a brutal scene that sets the tone for what you’ll see later. And again, we’re talking (mostly) practical effects, so it gets messy and gnarly.

The plot of this Thai horror movie focuses on a bloodthirsty spirit. This spirit possesses a young girl, who lives with her parents and siblings in a remote village. Her older brother has left home but is back to visit and ends up leading the charge to banish the spirit.

He needs to move fast though, as time is of the essence before she’s consumed by evil.

Death Whisperer (2023) – Review | Netflix Thai Horror Movie

The charming Nadech Kugimiya stars

When watching a horror movie from Thailand, there’s a fairly big chance that you won’t be familiar with the cast. Of course, if you’ve watched a few Thai movies or series – and there are quite a few good ones like Home for Rent – it’s entirely possible that a few faces could be familiar.

For me, Nadech Kugimiya is the strongest part of this movie. And I say that while also wanting to acknowledge that the cast was wonderful overall.

It’s just that Nadech Kugimiya plays the older brother, who ends up taking charge and going up against evil. As an actor, Nadech Kugimiya has already done a lot of movies (including The Con-Heartist) and TV series, but I don’t believe I’ve watched him in anything before.

As I watched him portray the character of Yak in Death Whisperer, I kept thinking Hollywood should be ready to call him. He’s charming, intense, and even funny. Also, he’s built like an action star, so he could easily be cast in any action or superhero movie. You could watch it for him.

Watch Death Whisperer on Netflix now!

Death Whisperer was directed by Taweewat Wantha and the screenplay was written by Sorarat Jirabovornwisut. This Thai horror movie was adapted from the novel “Tee Yod… A Distant Voice Wails Madly” (ธี่หยด…แว่วเสียงครวญคลั่ง) by Krittanont (กฤตานนท์).

The production quality is impressive and the overwhelming use of practical effects was an added bonus for me. Also, the cast was absolutely wonderful. I quickly found myself intrigued by the characters which is very much thanks to the actors.

Also, it was so successful that a sequel is coming out later this year. In other words, if you enjoy Death Whisperer on Netflix, you can look forward to Death Whisperer 2 coming out. The movie even ends on a note that teases it isn’t over. Not via an end-credit scene, but rather in the final scene of the movie.

Death Whisperer (org. title: Tee Yod) is on Netflix from April 10, 2024.


Director: Taweewat Wantha
Screenplay: Sorarat Jirabovornwisut
Cast: Nadech Kugimiya, Kajbhunditt Jaidee, Peerakit Phacharaboonyakiat, Denise Jelilcha Kapaun, Rattanawadee Wongtong, Nutthatcha Nina Jessica Padovan, Paramej Noiam, Arisara Wongchalee, Ongart Cheamcharoenpornkul, Phorjate Kanpetch


When a bloodthirsty spirit possesses a young girl in a remote village, her older brother leads the charge to banish it before she’s consumed by evil.

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