DEAD END (2022) on Netflix is a new crime, thriller, comedy hybrid series from Poland (org. title: Pewnego razu na krajowej jedynce). With just six 30-minute episodes, it’s a fairly quick watch. Read our Dead End series review here!

DEAD END (2022) is a new Netflix series in the crime, thriller, and comedy genres. In many ways, it’s just a very dark comedy where everything that can go wrong, does go very wrong.

This Netflix genre hybrid series is from Poland (org. title: Pewnego razu na krajowej jedynce) and has high quality. Also, the season has six episodes and each is around 30 minutes long, so it’s certainly manageable to watch this in one sitting.

Continue reading our Dead End series review below. Find it on Netflix from December 1, 2022.

Get to know the core characters

The premise of the Dead End series on Netflix is fairly simple, but that’s what makes it work so well. We follow four people on their way from Poland to the Czech Republic. A father and daughter are heading there and two strangers join them via a ride-sharing app.

The daughter is constantly trying to stir up trouble and the father (Juliusz Chrzastowski from The Thaw) is an alcoholic trying to get sober. Their relationship alone is quite an interesting dynamic.

The two strangers consist of a woman who just left her boyfriend and a young man who is going to meet an online girlfriend. A girlfriend he seems to have been catfishing a bit too hard. Not so much with pictures (only tweaks), but regarding everything else. Especially who and where he is in his life.

Instead of being a suave young man of Italian descent, he is a very white man who is eerily reminiscent of Mr. Bean.

Dead End (2022) – Review | Netflix Series

A series of unfortunate events

To help us better understand where they are in life, we see moments from their lives in flashbacks. Specifically, the moments that have led them all to be in the same car heading to the Czech Republic.

Once on their way, the daughter tries her best to convince the other two passengers that the driver (her dad) is a crazy killer. Why? Because she’s a teenager who is constantly acting out.

During a stop, they accidentally switch cars with a man on the run after having robbed a bank. The cars are identical, but while one just has various luggage items, the other has money from the heist in the trunk.

What they do next is what will decide their fate. But can they even work together or agree on anything?! And where is the bank robber in all this? You’ll have to watch Dead End on Netflix to find out.

Watch the Dead End series on Netflix now!

Dorota Trzaska is the writer of the Netflix series Dead End. It’s not a writer I’m familiar with but I do enjoy the extremely dark sense of humor in this one.

The directors working on this series (which consists of just six 30-minute episodes) are Grzegorz Jaroszuk and Jakub Piatek. Grzegorz Jaroszuk has made many short films in the past, which Jakub Piatek also has. However, Jakub Piatek also directed the intense Polish movie Prime Time (2021).


Our review of the thriller Prime Time which you can find on Netflix > 

Admittedly, I did get quite annoyed with the teenage daughter at first. I mean, one thing is wanting to stir up trouble, quite another is not recognizing when the situation turns very dangerous. Then again, this is meant to be a thriller, crime, and comedy hybrid, so it can get away with much weirdness.

Dead End is on Netflix from December 1, 2022.


Directors: Grzegorz Jaroszuk, Jakub Piatek
Screenwriter: Dorota Trzaska
Cast: Jasmina Polak, Anna Ilczuk, Michal Sikorski, Juliusz Chrzastowski, Lukasz Garlicki, Mateusz Król, Maja Wolska


A group of people sharing a ride accidentally switches cars with a bank robber, who then pursues them to retrieve the stolen money he left in the trunk.

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