Cold Skin is a drama-fueled horror movie of the monster variety. But who is the real monster: The creatures, us humans or maybe both?

Cold Skin almost feels like Cast Away combined with The Terror with a touch of 30 Days of Night. And yet, it’s nothing like either of those stories. It does, however, feature plenty of creatures.

So if you’re in the mood for a good old “creature feature” or a monster survival movie, then Cold Skin is a good choice.

Just be ready for a story that also features character drama. Then again, most good stories are centered around character drama. Otherwise, it’s just a good action flick and that isn’t really the case with this one.

Who is most humane?

The monsters – or creatures – in this story, are very much like us humans. The only obvious difference being their enhanced ability. They have very sharp teeth, a cold bluish skin and can breathe underwater.

At first, we only see the creatures as attackers, but then we also see a more domesticated variety. One that is treated like a dog – but not in any kind way. Instead, it’s been groomed using violence. And also, the creature is in a sexual relationship with a human.

Almost like a genderswap of The Shape of Water. Except not at all, since the male human is actually very violent with the female creature. Yeah, it’s not exactly fun to watch.

However, it is the relationship between the two humans and this creature, which builds suspense.

Cold Skin (2018) Review

Very good casting

Ray Stevenson is perfectly cast as the big lug of a guy, Gruner. He’s been on the Antarctic island for quite some time and knows about the creatures.

In some ways, he immediately reminded me of his Black Sails character Blackbeard. Even if his hair and beard is more grey in Cold Skin.

David Oakes portrays a weather observer known only as “Friend”. He’s the character we arrive on the island with, so we get to know the creatures as he does. You may know David Oakes from his stint on BBC’s horror series The Living and the Dead.

Aura Garrido recently starred in The Warning (original title El aviso). If you haven’t watched the Spanish thriller, I definitely recommend it for a little mindf*ck. Check out our review of The Warning here >

In Cold Skin, she doesn’t have any lines, but her character is pivotal to the story and plot.

Cold Skin (2018) Review

Yes, Cold Skin is worth your time

Cold Skin is based on the book by Albert Sánchez Piñol. The screenplay was written by Jesús Olmo (28 Weeks Later) and Eron Sheean (The Divide).

The director of Cold Skin is Xavier Gens, who is no stranger to stories investigating humanity. He directed The Divide, which is one of the most uncomfortable movies, I’ve ever seen. It was good, but a tough look at the very brutal and dark side of humanity.

Back in 2007, Xavier Gens directed Hitman and the crazy intense Frontier(s). Also, he did the “X is for XXL” segment of The ABCs of Death – a horror anthology of short films.

Cold Skin will be in Theaters plus OnDemand and Digital Platforms from September 7, 2018.


Director: Xavier Gens
Writers: Jesús Olmo, Eron Sheean
Cast: Ray Stevenson, David Oakes, Aura Garrido, John Benfield


On a remote island in the Antarctic circle, a young man finds himself trapped in a battle for his life against nightly invasions of unknown creatures that emerge from the ocean.

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