Clinical really delivers when it comes to setting a very creepy tone. The interesting and engaging story of this new Netflix original is just a huge bonus!

Clinical (2017) on NetflixI’d watched the trailer for Clinical but didn’t really know what to expect. Maybe that’s why I was able to just sit back and let the story unfold.

Sometimes, the best thing for a movie is to have an audience without any expectations. In fact, I think Netflix movies are a perfect example of this.

It can be awesome or just forgettable. Either way, they tend to just suddenly show up, so you’re able to enjoy without having been affected by some huge marketing campaign.

But honestly, you can go ahead and expect a deliciously creepy psychological horror movie, when it comes to Clinical.

Clinical is a mystery of the mind

The story in Clinical isn’t really a slow-burner, but it does take its time in revealing more layers. There’s a perfect tone of courage mixed with a natural fear of what you can’t see.

Also, there’s a mystery that runs throughout the movie. Via flashbacks, we keep getting a bit more information, and you will get closure before the movie is over. Any questions you have are answered.

Clinical (2017) on Netflix

Still, it is definitely a very dark and sad movie in many ways. For horror fans, the mind games and elements of home invasions and possible paranormal activity are perfect.

What I personally enjoyed the most, is the elegance. It’s so easy to go too far with crazy plot twists or too many strange jump-scares. Clinical avoids this beautifully.

A small but strong cast

You won’t see many different characters in Clinical, but this just means we get to know all the characters a bit better.

The two strongest characters – and actors – for me, were Vinessa Shaw and India Eisley. They portray Dr. Jane Mathis and her patient, Nora, respectively.

Clinical (2017) on Netflix

You’ll probably recognize Vinessa Shaw from the remake of The Hills Have Eyes or the TV show Ray Donovan.  Similarly, you may recognize India Eisley from Underworld: Awakening or the TV show The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Also, Kevin Rahm (Bates Motel) plays a huge role and is almost unrecognizable in most scenes. Only from the flashbacks do we actually recognize him. He does a great job, but to me, the other two characters made the story.

Alistair Legrand wrote and directed Clinical, which marks his second feature film. His first movie was The Diabolical from 2015, which wasn’t very memorable to me. Fortunately, it’s the opposite with Clinical. In both cases, Luke Harvis wrote the script with him, so hopefully, we’ll get a third movie from this duo. Preferably along the lines of this latest movie.

Clinical is available on Netflix now – it was released on this platform on Friday the 13th (January 13, 2017).


Director: Alistair Legrand
Writer: Luke Harvis, Alistair Legrand
Cast: Vinessa Shaw, Kevin Rahm, India Eisley


A psychiatrist is trying to put her life back together after a violent attack by a patient. Now she’s attempting to repair the life of a new patient to get her back on track. However, he has his own terrifying issues.

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