BLIND WATERS (2023) on TUBI is a new Shark horror movie from the writer-director of Sharknado. Sometimes horror movies can be so bad, they’re good. This TUBI shark horror movie is not one of them. Read our full Blind Waters movie review here!

BLIND WATERS (2023) is a new TUBI shark horror movie. While I do always enjoy a good shark horror movie, I can also appreciate a bad one. I didn’t expect much from this one, but it still managed to underwhelm me.

The story is silly (to put it very kindly) with the characters being grotesquely stereotyped. And not even in a funny way that could’ve made it work in an off-beat way. Watching this did make me think of the Sharksploitation documentary on Shudder. It covers how and why these bad shark horror movies ever became a thing. Be sure to check it out!

Continue reading our Blind Waters movie review below. The movie was released on TUBI on August 12, 2023.

So bad it’s just… bad!

This new shark horror movie comes from the writer-director of Sharknado. Obviously, you’d expect this to mean it’s along the lines of that as opposed to Jaws or The Shallows. However, that’s where you’d be mistaken.

Sure, the story is strangely forced and the characters have a chemistry that might not be the best.

But hey, at least the CGI is downright awful.

In other words, while horror movies can be so bad, they’re good, this TUBI shark horror movie is not one of them. And I cannot blame the actors as they are clearly delivering what’s asked of them. It’s just that they have to say and do some weird AF things.

Blind Waters (2023) – Review | TUBI Shark Movie

What does the “blind” in the title refer to?

When I saw the movie title of Blind Waters, I immediately joked “So, the shark is blind this time?!” But no, I can reveal that this is not the case.

Instead, a character is (or becomes) close to blind. And that’s all the Blind Waters spoilers I’ll give.

Oh, I do want to say that this means quite a few scenes are blurry and “out of focus”. I can understand why this is, but I did also find it increasingly annoying to watch. Consider yourself warned.

You can watch Blind Waters on TUBI now!

Anthony C. Ferrante is the writer and director of Blind Waters and has built an impressive career making low-budget (and very quickly produced) horror movies. Most notably Sharknado which did have exactly the kind of dark comedic edge that this one lacks completely.

I feel like this should go without saying but apparently not; For me (and I suspect most others), the so-called “bad” horror movies only work when they’re camp, kitsch, tongue-in-cheek, or some kind of spoof.

Having a terrible story, a low budget, and feeling the need to show this by having really bad special effects, is just a weirdly lazy approach. Well, to me, anyway. And I am not ashamed to say that I can enjoy spoofs, low-budget movies, and blockbusters alike. As long as I can feel some sort of passion from the filmmakers which was completely lacking here!

Blind Waters (2023) was released on TUBI on August 12, 2023.


Director: Anthony C. Ferrante
Writer: Anthony C. Ferrante
Stars: Meghan Carrasquillo, Noam Sigler, Francisco Angelini, Martijn Kuiper, Jhey Castles, Chris Cleveland


An unrelenting shark turns a couple’s dream vacation into a nightmare when they are stranded at sea and forced to fight for their lives.

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