BITTER DAISIES season 2 is out on Netflix and fans of the first season should also be happy with this one. Just like season 1, there are just six episodes in the season, so it’s quick to watch.  Read our full Bitter Daisies season 2 review here!

BITTER DAISIES season 2 is out on Netflix and the thriller series focuses on human trafficking this season. Needless to say, this means it has many brutal moments. If you enjoyed the style of season 1, I suspect you’ll enjoy this second season as well.

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The second season does begin with a recap of season 1. However, be warned that this recap is rather lacking, so if you don’t remember the events of the first season, you’ll need some time to catch up. In most ways, it does continue after season 1. Just a bit later since the lead character has just come out of jail.

Continue reading our Bitter Daisies season 2 review below. The season has 6 episodes just like the first time around.

María Mera is still the heart of this series

The main character is still portrayed by María Mera. However, she has a new name this season. Last time around, she went by Rose Vargas, but season 1 ended with the reveal that this was a stolen identity. She was investigating her own sister’s death and needed to be undercover as someone else to do this.

In reality, she was Eva Mayo and that’s the name she’s using now, obviously. María Mera is still awesome in this role and really, it wouldn’t be Bitter Daisies without her.

Also, she has a lot more to work with in season 2 since her character suffers from amnesia. Or actually, there’s a good chance it’s schizophrenia. I won’t say anything more but get ready for Eva Mayo (Rose Vargas) to continue her pursuit for justice. In any and every way possible!

Bitter Daisies Season 2 – Review | Netflix Thriller Series

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All six episodes in season 2 of Bitter Daisies (org. title O sabor das margaritas) are directed by Álex Sampayo who has worked on a few series in the past, so he’s used to this format.

In all the ways that really matter, season 2 of this series is a direct continuation of season 1. Sure, it’s a few years later and there’s a new director on the series. Other than that, this feels like a very organic and natural next step in the series. 

It is officially rated as being for 18+ audiences and I can see why. But the subject of human trafficking and the brutal scenes (whether sexual or bloody violence) are not for everyone. Still, it never feels gratuitous. Instead, it feels like a story that wants to show the brutal reality of its subject. Do check it out!

Bitter Daisies Season 2 is out on Netflix on April 2, 2021.

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