AL ACECHO is a new thriller on Netflix. This slow-burn movie is from Argentina and features a very mysterious protagonist. In fact, you never really know his motives or beliefs. This makes for a psychological thriller that ends quite abruptly. Read our full Al Acecho movie review here!

AL ACECHO is a new Netflix thriller from Argentina, which obviously means it’s in Spanish. The title on IMDb is also Furtive, but it seems like Netflix is going with the original Al Acecho.

It’s a very slow-burn storyline that takes place over just a few days. While the plot does continuously move forward, you never quite know what to expect. I really liked this, but I also expected a lot more of a climax than what the movie ultimately delivered.

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The mystery of the protagonist

I tend to really like when you don’t know the protagonist of a movie until quite late in the story. For Al Acecho, this is certainly something it can deliver on. The Park Ranger Pablo Silva is a mystery for most of the movie and while he does a lot of good, he also makes some strange choices and suggestions.

The character of Pablo Silva is portrayed by Rodrigo De la Serna (The Motorcycle Diaries) who does a stellar job. He has the most fascinating face, which is a good thing since he doesn’t really have all that many lines. Actually, he reminded me of Pedro Pascal who has a lot of the same qualities and I could easily have seen him take on this role as well.

While I found myself enjoying the movie, I do recognize that it ended quite abruptly. The ending of Al Acecho will not be for everyone for this very reason. Personally, I actually did like the final scenes because they fit with the narrative and style of the movie. Also, I went from not knowing if I liked Pablo Silva to discovering that I definitely know how I feel about him now!

Al Acecho – Netflix Review

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Al Acecho was directed by Francisco D’Eufemia who also co-wrote the screenplay with Fernando Krapp. This is the first screenwriting credit for Francisco D’Eufemia and only the second feature film as a director. In fact, it’s the first one as a lone director. He previously directed Fuga de la Patagonia in 2016 with Javier Zevallos as the co-director (who also wrote the movie).

Fernando Krapp has previously written for several documentaries, but this is the first time as a fiction screenwriter. A lot of the storyline could also be from a documentary if it wasn’t for all the unknown elements that we never really get answers to.

If you tend to like movies that slowly evolve and tend to keep the audience in the dark (or simply keep guessing), then this just might be something you’d enjoy. Personally, I feel like Netflix has many other Argentinian thrillers that are much better. A few recommendations are The Son (El hijo) and The Crimes That Bind (Crímenes de familia) that you can watch on Netflix as well.

Al Acecho is out on Netflix in the US (and several other countries) from January 12, 2020.


Director: Francisco D’Eufemia
Writers: Francisco D’Eufemia, Fernando Krapp
Stars: Rodrigo De la Serna, Facundo Aquinos, Belén Blanco, Walter Jakob


Park Ranger Pablo Silva rebuilds his life in his new destination, a forgotten and troubled place that few want to go, the Pereyra Iraola Park. Soon after, under apparent tranquility, he discovers a network of poachers. His old hunter instinct will have him on the prowl. He will be able to hide from everyone except himself.

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