42 DAYS OF DARKNESS on Netflix is a new crime series from Chile (org. title 42 días en la oscuridad). The series is based on a true story, but can’t be labeled as a true crime since names and details have been changed. Not much, though. Read our full 42 Days of Darkness series review here!

42 DAYS OF DARKNESS is a new Netflix series. This one is from Chile (org. title 42 días en la oscuridad). It’s actually the very first Chilean Netflix original series production from the country. As such, they’re off to a very strong start with a crime series based on a true story. One that certainly has all the makings of being turned into a series that the entire world can relate to.

For the record, it can’t truly be labeled as true crime since names and details have been changed. However, the main elements in this fictitious story are exactly as in the true story. There are six episodes in the series which means there’s plenty of time to cover various details. Maybe even too much time, since it could have been tighter.

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The true story behind 42 Days of Darkness on Netflix

Yes, 42 Days of Darkness is based on a true story, as already revealed at the very beginning of this review. The Netflix series from Chile has all the same elements of a very true story. The very beginning of this Netflix series (and the title of it) reveals the core detail of 42 days. In episode 1, we also know that the missing woman, Verónica, has been found dead.

42 Days of Darkness is based on the true story of how Viviana Haeger disappeared back in 2010 – and how she was found dead.

Initially, just as in this Chilean Netflix series, she was missing and her husband immediately told the police that he suspected (assumed even) that she had been abducted. However, 42 days later, Viviana Haeger was found dead in the interroof of her own house.

I won’t go into too much detail other than this, but you’ll know just from watching the trailer, that the husband is suspected. In both the real crime and the story featured in 42 Days of Darkness. Also, the trial ends in the same way. It takes several years for it to actually go to court, but the results are the same.

42 Days of Darkness – Revew | Netflix Crime Series

Strong filmmakers behind the first Netflix series from Chile

42 Days of Darkness has been getting additional attention since the producers are “Fábula”, the company of Juan de Dios Larraín and Pablo Larraín. They produced the movie that won an Oscar for best foreign-language film, the amazing A Fantastic Woman (2018). Also, they produced the 2016 movie Jackie starring Natalie Portman in the title role, and the 2021 movie Spencer with Kristen Stewart in the title role.

The two latter films were directed by Pablo Larraín himself while the 2018 Oscar winner was produced by them but directed by Sebastían Lelio. For this Netflix series, they’re also leaving the directing to others. The directors of the episodes are Claudia Huaiquimilla (Bad Junta) and Gaspar Antillo (Nobody Knows I’m Here).

The core cast includes Aline Küppenheim as Verónica Montes, who goes missing and is found dead within the early stages of episode 1, and Claudia Di Girolamo as her sister Cecilia. She is a force of nature as she tries to get to the bottom of what has happened. In other key roles, you’ll see Gloria Münchmeyer (Verónica’s mother), Pablo Macaya (as prosecutor), and Daniel Alcaíno (Verónica’s husband).

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The script for this Chilean Netflix series was inspired by the book “You Know Who: Notes on the Homicide of Viviana Haeger”. It was written by journalist Rodrigo Fluxám and published in 2019. The murder happened in 2010 and the trial was in 2017.

Ahead of this Netflix series, Viviana Haeger’s daughters, Vivian and Susan, have been vocal about not wanting the series to be made. Of course, the name of their mother isn’t used in this series. Still, as soon as it was revealed that the series would be made, the murder of their mother once again made headlines. As did their father’s name, of course.

Since they’re not pleased with the making of this series, I would’ve hoped that more changes had been made to the story. This would have made it a work of fiction “inspired by” real events. I mean, they could even have changed her children to being boys or something. Just changing names isn’t really much and too many other details are straight out of the true story.

Having said that, I do find this Netflix series to be engaging and intriguing. So watch it if you enjoy a good crime-thriller. I just don’t like it when people are forced to go through even more pain. They have already suffered through the events in real life. And especially when actions could have been taken to change the story more.

All six episodes of 42 Days of Darkness are out on Netflix from May 11, 2022.


In a town in Chile, a woman leads a frantic search to find her missing sister amid a media storm and the police investigation. Inspired by a true case.

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