Here’s a list of all the horror, thriller, true crime, and sci-fi movies and series coming to Netflix in February 2021. The list is based on titles in the USA.

February 2021 features many new horror, thriller, true crime, and sci-fi titles coming to Netflix in the US.

The list of horror, thriller, true crime and sci-fi movies and series coming to Netflix in February 2021 will be edited regularly with new titles as they’re released. So be sure to bookmark this page!

Dates and titles are subject to change.

Titles available on February 1, 2021:

The Unsettling: Season 1 (2019)
My Dead Ex: Season 1 (2018)
Shutter Island (2010)
Inception (2010)

All My Friends Are Dead (2020)

Available on Netflix: February 3, 2021

A group of friends at a New Year’s Eve party go through a whirlwind of events that exposes secrets, breaks hearts — and leads to a shocking outcome.

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The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (2020)

Available on Netflix: February 4, 2021

When a demonic serpent reawakens, the Yin-Yang Masters must solve a murder mystery and protect their realms from a dark conspiracy at the royal court.

Invisible City: Season 1 (2021)

Available on Netflix: February 5, 2021

An environmental police officer uncovers a hidden world of mythological entities from Brazilian folklore when he finds a connection between the mysterious appearance of a dead river dolphin on a Rio de Janeiro beach and the death of his beloved wife.

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Space Sweepers (2021)

Available on Netflix: February 5, 2021

Chasing after space debris and faraway dreams in year 2092, four misfits unearth explosive secrets during the attempted trade of a wide-eyed humanoid.

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The Sinner: Season 3 (Jamie)

Available on Netflix: February 6, 2021

Detective Ambrose investigates a tragic yet suspicious car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (2021)

Available on Netflix: February 10, 2021

The four-episode season comes from executive producer and director Joe Berlinger, who sets out to deconstruct what really happened to college student and tourist Lam, who stayed at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles in February 2013. When Lam vanished, leaving behind all of her possessions, including her wallet and ID in her hotel room, it ignited a media frenzy and mobilized a community of internet detectives who had suspicions about the last-known security camera footage released of her, as well as of some of the other people staying in the hotel. The docuseries features interviews with hotel employees and guests, as well as with some of those who investigated the case.

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Red Dot (2021)

Available on Netflix: February 11, 2021

David and Nadja attempt to rekindle their relationship on a romantic hiking trip to the North of Sweden. The trip quickly turns into a nightmare when a red laser dot appears in their tent, and they are forced to flee into the unforgiving wilderness pursued by an unknown shooter.

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Capitani: Season 1 (2019)

Available on Netflix: February 11, 2021

Detective Luc Capitani investigates the mysterious death of a teenager after her body is found in the forest near a village in nothern Luxembourg.

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Behind Her Eyes: Season 1 (2021)

Available on Netflix: February 17, 2021

A single mom becomes entangled in a twisted mind game when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while bonding with his mysterious wife.

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No Escape Room (2018)

Available on Netflix: February 18, 2021

A lighthearted bonding opportunity takes a dark and decidedly dangerous turn when a father and daughter try out an escape room in a small town.

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I Care a Lot (2020)

Available on Netflix: February 19, 2021

I CARE A LOT follows Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike), a highly successful legal guardian with a knack for exploiting the law to her financial benefit. After discovering her seemingly innocent new client (Dianne Wiest) harbors dangerous secrets, Marla and her partner (Eiza González) come to find they have unknowingly triggered a battle with a ruthless adversary (Peter Dinklage).

Tribes of Europa: Season 1 (2021)

Available on Netflix: February 19, 2021

2074. In the wake of a mysterious global disaster, war rages between the Tribes that have emerged from the wreckage of Europe. Three siblings from the peaceful Origine tribe – Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), Liv (Henriette Confurius) and Elja (David Ali Rashed) – are separated and forced to forge their own paths in an action-packed fight for the future of this new Europa.

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The Conjuring (2013)

Available on Netflix: February 21, 2021

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse.

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Available on Netflix: February 21, 2021

After her daughter unwittingly releases a malevolent spirit in their house in London, a woman enlists the Warrens’ help to confront the evil presence.

Two Sentence Horror Stories: Season 2

Available on Netflix: February 24, 2021

Inspired by the viral fan fiction, “Two Sentence Horror Stories” is an original scripted horror anthology series. Each standalone story taps into the expansive world of the horror genre, pressing universal primal fears filtered through the anxieties of the most connected and racially diverse generation.

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High-Rise Invasion: Season 1 (2021)

Available on Netflix: February 25, 2021

Upon witnessing a man’s head cracked open with an axe, 16-year-old Yuri Honjou trembles in fear and confusion as she flees from the masked assailant, only to find out she’s trapped in an abandoned building where every door is mysteriously locked. Desperately searching for a way out, Yuri runs to the rooftop, but a world with no signs of life stands before her, surrounded by high-rise buildings. Though filled with despair, once she learns that her brother is also in this strange place, Yuri is determined to find him and escape. However, she soon finds that there are more masked murderers in the area, anxious to terrorize their newfound victims and satiate their sickest desires, leaving Yuri to question if they will be able to make it out alive.

The Girl on the Train (2021)

Available on Netflix: February 26, 2021

The story follows a recent divorcee who spends her daily commute fantasizing about a seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes daily, but something shocking happens there one day. A Hindi adaptation of the novel The Girl on the Train.

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