We’ve tried to do a mini-review for each short film in the Holidays horror anthology.

On this page you’ll find the three last mini-reviews featuring a take on the biggest day for horror: Halloween. After that we’ll move onto the holiday many people think can be horrible as well (if you’re Scrooge, anyway) with some Christmas horror, before ending the anthology with the chance of a kiss on New Year’s Eve.

Halloween (4/5)

Holidays - Halloween horror - Still

This has Kevin Smith written all over it, and I mean that in the best possible way! Everything is both over the top and creepily realistic. If you’ve watched the documentary Hot Girls Wanted, then you’ll probably find the premise of this short film very realistic. This film has a much happier ending as it shows the world – and girls in particular – what can happen, when you stand up for yourself. And yes, the revenge is very appropriate… and anything but sweet!

Plot: When three webcam girls living under the roof of their employer Ian have finally had enough with the horrific conditions, they decide to take control of the house. However, their method of revenge might not be what one would expect.
Written and Directed by Kevin Smith
Starring: Ashley Greene, Olivia Roush, Harley Quinn Smith, Harley Morenstein, and Shelby Kemper

Christmas (4/5)

Holidays - Christmas horror - Still

This should be mandatory viewing every Christmas as a cautionary Holidays horror tale for those who care too much about buying presents. Pete (Seth Green) needs to get one final Christmas present for his son, and unfortunately that one doesn’t come easily. There’s a certain feeling of “what comes around goes around”, but not exactly in the way you’d expect. Time flies when watching this short film and, honestly, it’s another one of those storylines that could manage a transition into a feature film, if you expand a bit more on the parts that came before and will come after the very short time frame we get to see. Also, Clare Grant is excellent as the demanding wife, who’s never quite happy, so the cast for a feature film could easily be the same as this short.

Plot: At Christmas, Pete is tasked with buying this year’s hottest toy for his son’s Christmas present – the uVu, a virtual reality gadget. When Pete misses the chance to buy the last available uVu in
town by seconds, he makes a questionable choice to acquire it.
Written and Directed by Scott Stewart
Starring: Seth Green and Clare Grant

New Year’s Eve (4/5)

Holidays - New Years Eve - Still

You know the last segment in any anthology wants to end on a high note, and that’s certainly also the case for the Holidays horror anthology. The fact that it takes place on the last holiday of the year, New Year’s Eve, opens up to all sorts of interesting “bangs”. We start out by watching Reggie “end things” with his current partner, before setting out to find a new relationship. In his quest, he finds Jean (or rather, she finds him) and this time it looks like a perfect match. Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno) is once again spot-on with her portrayal, and this time she also has an equally crazy good man to play across in Andrew Bowen. He delivers a perfect comedic timing to Izzo’s beautiful craziness and makes for a perfect ending to the anthology with a creepy and very funny short!

Plot: New Year’s Eve turns into the worst date ever when a lonely girl Jean accepts a dinner invitation from an awkward and psychotic man whose last relationship ended in murder.
Written by Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kölsch
Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer
Starring: Lorenza Izzo and Andrew Bowen

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