BABY REINDEER The True Story is almost as wild as in the new Netflix series. Baby Reindeer is based on the true story of Richard Gadd, who also stars in the series, being stalked by Martha Scott. Get the scoop on the real story behind the limited Netflix series Baby Reindeer here! **Spoilers**

Baby Reindeer is the true story of what happened to Richard Gadd. Sure, some changes have been made to the series that was written by and starring Richard Gadd himself. He adapted his own award-winning one-man play into a seven-episode limited Netflix series.

The result is scary and fascinating while also being funny in very dark ways. Of course, it has also led many to wonder about the true story of the Baby Reindeer Netflix series.


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In the Netflix series, Richard Gadd plays a fictionalized version of himself. So even though the series is based on his own experiences, some things have been fictionalized. That includes the names of all the characters. Yes, including stalker Martha Scott, just like Gadd’s character is named Donny Dunn.

The True Story Behind Baby Reindeer 

In the series, a woman walks into a bar, and the bartender gives her a drink on the house.

“That one act of kindness changes Donny’s life forever, because for the next three years, Martha stalks him,” Jessica Gunning, who plays Martha, tells Tudum. “She sends him 41,000 emails and hundreds of hours worth of voice messages”.

“But it’s not your conventional stalker storyline”. Baby Reindeer creator, writer, and star Richard Gadd says this was an important aspect of telling this story, based on his own real life.

Who Is The Real Martha Scott In Baby Reindeer On Netflix?

Who is the real Martha Scott in Baby Reindeer on Netflix?

Richard Gadd has not revealed who the real Martha Scott is to protect the person at the center of this story. He has stated that he feels she needed help that she did not get. So while her actions were terrible, she is a person who is hurting as well.

It has also been said that Gadd attempted to disguise the real stalker by portraying her as overweight and not conventionally attractive.

In the series, Martha Scott is played by Jessica Gunning. She is brilliant in the role. A portrayal that resembles Kathy Bates’ iconic Annie Wilkes from Misery based on Stephen King’s novel.

Why is the series called Baby Reindeer?

From the beginning, Martha calls Donny “Baby Reindeer” for no apparent reason. For a long time, we don’t know why, and no clues have been given.

Then, suddenly, in episode 7 (the final episode of the series), Donny listens to a voicemail from Martha where she explains the nickname. She says:

“I had this wee cuddly toy when I was young. Went with me everywhere. Earliest memory I have, I think, was Christmastime. This old photo of me, sitting with this paper hat on my head and this baby reindeer beside me.

Anyway, this reindeer was this cuddly, fluffy thing. It had big lips, huge eyes, and the cutest wee bum. I still have it to this day. It was the only good thing about my childhood. I’d hug it when they fought. And they fought a lot, you know?

Well, you are the spit of that reindeer. The same nose. Same eyes. Same cute wee bum. It means so much to me. You… You mean so much to me.”

What happens to Martha Scott in the end?

A voicemail from Martha, where she’s threatening Donny’s family, prompts him to report her to the police again. After being arrested, Martha pleads guilty at the trial, where Donny also shows up.

Mostly for closure as he doesn’t have to witness. Maybe because he feels that he owes it to her somehow.

She’s sentenced to nine months in prison, and Donny also gets a five-year restraining order against her.

He never hears from her again.

Who is Nava Mau playing in Baby Reindeer?

Who is Nava Mau playing in Baby Reindeer?

Nava Mau co-stars as Teri, an American therapist and trans woman who meets Donny through a dating app. And yes, Teri is also based on a real person. Someone Richard Gadd loved deeply.

Nava Mau was a counselor to survivors of violence in her previous career. So she could relate to the role, being a trans counselor herself.

Nava Mau was born in Mexico City on May 14, 1992, and she works as an actor, writer, director, and producer. I cannot imagine anyone better to portray the character of Teri.

Especially as she needs to be the voice of reason. Both feeling for Donny and understanding Martha’s psychological issue. Finally, Teri is very much the heart of this story. She steps away from drama or anyone not being ready to do and be better. Both for themselves and the people in their lives.

Who is Donny abused by?

Donny is abused by Darrien, a successful television writer and mentor to Donny. In episode 4, which is the heaviest episode of the series, we get to experience Donny’s traumatic experience years earlier.

Donny meets a successful, older TV writer named Darrien (Tom Goodman-Hill) at Edinburgh Fringe. Darrien starts out as a mentor, promising to get Donny’s career off the ground. However, rather than help Donny, he’s getting him hooked on drugs and alcohol.

It’s all part of Darrien’s grooming. The end goal is to sexually assault Donny during intoxicated blackouts.

Baby Reindeer creator, writer, and star Richard Gadd reveals that episode 4 was originally 60 minutes long — about 15 longer than it is now — and “a lot darker” before some scenes were cut.

Want more like Baby Reindeer?

While it is even darker and doesn’t feature a stalker, but still brutal abuse, Baby Reindeer kept reminding me of I May Destroy You. It’s an HBO series by Michaela Coel, who also stars in the series based on her own real-life story.

It is a beautiful, scary, and brilliant award-winning series. Be sure to check out I May Destroy You on Max. You can also catch Michaela Coel in one of the Mr. & Mrs. Smith episodes on Prime Video.

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