Want the Messiah ending explained? Well, you’re not the only one with some questions. Mostly, people are wondering if Al-Masih is actually the Antichrist. Let’s get to our take on the Netflix series. *SPOILERS*

Looking for a Messiah ending explained piece? We’ve certainly noticed that a lot of people on social media, IMDb, and various other places online are confused about the ending of the Netflix series Messiah.

Well, first things first, as of writing this, we’re still expecting a Messiah season 2 to be greenlit but it hasn’t been yet. The ending was certainly open-ended enough that a season 2 is very much expected and wanted by many!

Update: There will be no season 2 of Messiah

So, let’s get to our take on the ending of season 1 of the new Netflix series Messiah.

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Netflix series Messiah ending explained

We’ll be going through the Messiah ending by answering some of the most obvious and talked about questions.

Is Al-Masih the antichrist?

Yes, let’s get to the number one question about the season 1 ending of Messiah. Many have wondered if Al-Masih is the Antichrist since before even watching the Netflix series. This is because Al-Masih is supposedly the Antichrist in the Quoran.

I have not read the Quoran (and am not a religious person in general though I do have faith), so I am going on what other people are claiming online.

The answer is quite simply that we still do not know! Yes, maybe Al-Masih is the Antichrist due to facts in the Quoran. However, his actions in the Netflix series is more along the lines of the Messiah in the Bible. 

Also, it appears that he is bringing people back to life in the final scenes of season 1 of Messiah. That does not seem very Antichrist like. Then again, it could be if he is using this to make people believe he is the Messiah of the Bible.

Is Jibril Medina the real Messiah?

Again, this is definitely a possibility. After all, he is the character in this Netflix series who goes through the most trials and tribulations for his faith. Very much like the original Messiah, Jesus Christ, did according to the Bible.

However, if Jibril is the true Messiah then this does speak to the theory that he is the contrast to Al-Masih who would then actually be the Antichrist. 

We simply do not know yet and Jibril could also “just” be an example of a pure and true believer.

Netflix series MESSIAH ending explained

Is the Messiah series about Islam versus Christianity?

We’ve seen people talk about the series as focusing on two religions; Islam and Christianity. However, this obviously is not the case. If anything, it’s certainly also about Judaism.

After all, the actual story of the Messiah series on Netflix takes place in Syria, Israel, and the USA. These places are defined by the majority of people being Muslim, Jewish and Christian.

Does Al-Masih have a political agenda?

Well, don’t all religions have a political agenda? Whether it’s being pro-life or wanting marriage to be between a man and a woman. Or simply having to swear on a Bible to be sworn in as President? Religion has always been influencing politics and rarely in positive ways.

After all, all religions focus on love and understanding as well. And especially about caring for other people and treating both yourself and those around you in the best ways.

Having said all this; Yes, Al-Masih clearly does have a political agenda since he immediately wants the US president to pull back all troops. This is a very political move – even though it should be a loving religious move.

Also, we know who Al-Masih really is and who he is working with; An anarchist who wants to disrupt the way of the world.

Obviously, there is a lot more to get into, but these are the main questions we have seen asked or commented on. Hopefully, the above Q&A helped you get the Messiah ending explained. 

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