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Mr. Mercedes will get a Season 2 and we couldn’t be happier! The TV show is based on a Stephen King book trilogy about retired detective Bill Hodges. The adaptation in Season 1 has been nothing short of spectacular!

Mr. Mercedes tells the story of a psychopathic killer who drove a stolen Mercedes into a crowd. Interestingly, the method of using a vehicle as a mass murder weapon wasn’t common when Stephen King wrote the book. Unfortunately, it has become an all too common phenomenon since.

The book – and the TV show – Mr. Mercedes revolves around the life of a recently retired detective. His name is Bill Hodges and he’s been portrayed in an award-worthy manor by Brendan Gleeson.

For Bill Hodges, the “Mercedes Killer” is the one case that he never could let he. After his retirement, Mr. Mercedes himself contacts the former detective and begins taunting him. That’s when Bill Hodges decides that he will dedicate his life to bringing him to justice.

mr. mercedes starring brendan gleeson as retired detective bill hodges

Season 2 of Mr. Mercedes will be out in 2018

Production of the 10 one-hour episodes of season 2 is scheduled to begin in February of 2018.

Filming will take place in Charleston, South Carolina, with the premiere later in the same year.

The cast of Mr. Mercedes includes Brendan Gleeson, Harry Treadaway, Holland Taylor, Jharrel Jerome, Justine Lupe, and Breeda Wool.

As notable Season 1 guest stars – in brilliant performances – we’ve also seen Kelly Lynch, Mary-Louise Parker, Scott Lawrence, Robert Stanton, and Ann Cusack.

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Watch the season 1 trailer for Mr. Mercedes below.