IMDB’s Superstars: The Stellar Top 5 Sci-Fi Horror TV Series

Horror is a genre loved by men/women, young/old, and people from all walks of life. Horror features can spark one of the fundamental human emotions, fear. With the massive progress in CGI and other filmmaking technology, creating jaw-dropping horror/sci-fi productions.

In this post, we’re about to look into the top 5 sci-fi horror TV series on IMDB. The emotions these shows intrigue originate from the same part of the brain that activates when you play with a $300 free chip no deposit 2022-2023 casino bonus or when you jump from 300 meters with nothing but a bungee cord.

Now, you can sort the ranking in different ways. Popularity, number of votes, user rating, runtime, release date, and plenty of other fields are there. But we’re sticking to popularity because we believe the majority is always right.

Why Do We Prefer TV Series Over Movies?

When you think about a horror feature, your instinct makes you think of movies instantly. It’s simply because that’s the format we’re familiar with. But we’re taking a different route for this one. We’re looking at the top 5 sci-fi horror TV series.

TV shows are amazing if you value the depth of a story. Even the longest feature films with 3+ hours of runtime will not be able to tell you a story better than a season of a series. On average, each season of a TV series gets 10+ hours to tell part of the story, while most feature files don’t go over 1.5 hours.

And we’re dealing with the sci-fi horror genre; it can be very emotionally impactful. If this is something you enjoy from the visual content you consume, a TV series will be more meaningful to you than a movie. Without any further ado, let’s get right to the IMDB superstars we have lined up for you.

The Top 5 Sci-Fi Horror TV Series on IMDB Right Now

We’re using the popularity of these shows to dissect to rank them. Here goes the top 5 sci-fi horror TV series. The shows we’ve picked are:

  • FROM
  • Stranger Things
  • The Last of Us
  • Fear the Walking Dead
  • American Horror Story

From – EPIX

Created by John Griffin, “From” (stylized as “FROM”) explores a mysterious town that traps anyone who enters. Think of your nightmares on steroids before you start watching this show. The bizarre storytelling, along with the dark cinematography, may take a bit to settle into your mind.

The show launched in February 2022, and it only aired 2 seasons with 10 episodes each. The threats that surround the protagonists might be something we’ve been looking at in many horror features. But “FROM” has a unique way of incorporating them through a fresh lens.

The diverse cast of the show also gives it an edge to portray a more compelling story. You don’t necessarily have to relate to it, but you can feel the chills of fear down to your bones.

Stranger Things – Netflix

Well, you don’t need to know about “Stranger Things” from us. You probably know more than us. Every season, this show managed to outdo itself and bring in a new influx of fans worldwide. It’s one of the most-watched horror sci-fi TV shows on Netflix.

In case you’re not familiar with the story, it follows a very retro ’80s theme. The story begins with a group of kids who accidentally discovered the “upside down”, a dangerous and mysterious alternate dimension.

Every season, the upside-down mystery is unveiled just a little with the right amount of drama and action. This is undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi horror TV series you can watch right now if you haven’t yet.

The Last of Us – HBO

Pop culture enthusiasts may know “The Last of Us” as a TV show, but gamers know the origin story. “The Last of Us” is actually a game series first released in 2013 for consoles. The fun yet emotional storyline of the post-apocalyptic USA created quite a buzz among gaming communities.

Finally, HBO picked it up and cast Pedro Pascal, the guy comically known for leading young children through danger. That’s exactly what he does in “The Last of Us”, too.

The story revolves around a global pandemic that destroyed civilization. The main protagonists then embark on a journey to try to redeem the hope for humanity.

Fear the Walking Dead – AMC

We all heard about “The Walking Dead” at least once. The iconic zombie TV series single-handedly changed how pop culture approaches zombies. After a few seasons, however, the quality of the product started to deteriorate. They were fighting the same antagonist (whether it was the governor or Negan), and the plot lacked variety.

It still managed to pull a whopping 12 seasons before getting cut off due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Did you know that there is a spinoff series titled “Fear the Walking Dead”? The story follows 2 separate families who come together to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s in its final season as you’re reading this post which makes it a great time to start binge-watching.

American Horror Story – FX

Out of all the sci-fi horror TV series we have for you today, “American Horror Story” is the longest-running show. Every single episode focuses on a different story, different locations, and different characters.

Pretty much every single plot for a horror show you have thought of, and you can think of in the future, may already be featured in the show. The best thing about watching this sci-fi horror is that you don’t have to watch the seasons in any particular order. But if you’re anything like us, you may want to pick it up from S01E01. It’s going to be well worth your time.

Wrapping Up

Streaming movies and shows has become the largest source of entertainment globally. This allowed every genre to flourish as they’re supposed to, including sci-fi horror TV series. Now that you know the Superstar TV series recommended by IMDB, you can start watching them right away.

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