WHY DID YOU KILL ME? is a new Netflix documentary in the true-crime subgenre. The family of the murder victim is telling the story since they catfished those involved with the murder. Read our Why Did You Kill Me? documentary review here!

WHY DID YOU KILL ME? is a new Netflix documentary about what can happen when grieving people take action into their own hands. We’re in the true-crime subgenre, but this story is very much told from all sides. From the family of the victim to the police officers working the case, and gang members involved in the crime.

In this Netflix documentary, you’ll see how the family of the murdered 24-year-old Crystal Theobald tracks down the killer via social media. In fact, they go full-on Catfish to achieve their goal! Also, when the movie opens, you’ll probably feel like you’re watching a documentary version of the thriller Searching. You’ll see!

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What would you do?

As with many other true-crime documentaries, you’re quickly confronted with the question: “What would you do?” If someone you love is murdered and you believe you know who did it – or you know how to find out – how far would you go?

This question is answered by several people in Why Did You Kill Me? and the answers vary quite a bit. As for the mother of the murdered Crystal Theobald, the answer is clear and honest: I would stop at nothing!

For this reason alone, it quickly becomes about the vigilante aspect. Sure, we might want revenge but how does this really fit in with living in a democracy. Basically, a lot of very heavy subjects and questions are asked in this  Netflix documentary and, of course, there are no definitive answers. 

Why Did You Kill Me? – Netflix Review

How to catfish a killer

The concept of becoming a catfish to catch a killer is actually pretty smart. I mean, it’s already used to catch various other online criminals. Why not use the Internet to catch a killer? The people behind the Catfish documentary (and MTV series) couldn’t possibly have seen this coming.

Then again, they’ve seen crazier stuff than this, so they probably wouldn’t be surprised. If you’re a fan of the Catfish TV series, you’ll recognize every move in the Catfish playbook during this documentary.

Also, if you’ve watched the brilliant Don’t F*ck with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer documentary, you’ll know that dedicated (and smart) people can do more with a computer than overworked police detectives can. Still, the mother of the murdered Crystal Theobald is no innocent angel either – which she readily admits to!

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Fredrick Munk is the director of the Why Did You Kill Me? documentary. This is the first director credit for Fredrick Munk who previously worked more in production. He did also work as an assistant to the director on a documentary prior to making his own directorial debut with this one.

Overall, what I enjoy most about this new Netflix documentary is the fact that it isn’t entirely black and white. Every single person involved with this crime (or any of the people caught up in it) is a victim of circumstance. It’s terrible and sad because you can’t help but feel that it’s a neverending circle of violence and grief.

There are definite answers in Why Did You Kill Me? which makes for a very complete true-crime documentary. Whether justice is served is another thing. 

Why Did You Kill Me? is out on Netflix from April 14, 2021.


After her daughter is killed, a mother uses the social networking site MySpace to investigate the people she believes are responsible, resulting in reverberations for multiple families.

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