Wade in the Water is a low-budget thriller drama where the main character doesn’t even have a name. But you will definitely get to know him. Also, you’ll probably both be annoyed with him and root for him. I know I did. Read more in our Wade in the Water review here!

Wade in the Water is a low-budget psychological thriller gem! It’s one of those indie movies that prove so very clearly that a good story will trump a big budget any day.

In this thriller drama, the main character doesn’t even have a name. But he is very memorable and the lead actor is simply brilliant, so you want to know him. Even if he is pretty annoying and selfish most of the time.

Read why this is the kind of movie, you should check out, in our full Wade in the Water review below.

The Wade in the Water-man

The title didn’t make too much sense for me at first, but it will if you pay attention. It does relate to the nameless man whose story we’re watching unfold in Wade in the Water. From the very beginning, I was completely enthralled by this big guy who seems both sad and annoying as hell.

Also, we see him in some very typical everyday situations. Like having to go to the post office to buy stamps and getting confronted with some weird options. 

The actual story starts when our man receives a package that wasn’t actually addressed to him. He expects to see pictures of naked ladies, but instead, the pictures feature very young boys. Something that awakens a wave of anger that our man acts on immediately. Though probably not in the way you would expect.

It does all make sense in the end, but few people would go to the lengths he does.

Wade in the Water (2019) Thriller Review

Tom E. Nicholson is Our Man

The official character “name” for the lead character in Wade in the Water is actually “Our Man”. He is portrayed by Tom E. Nicholson who is so brilliant in the most understated ways. Even when our man is doing virtually nothing, I am fascinated just watching him.

You can always see the inner workings of this guy and it’s all thanks to the subtle but intense acting of Tom E. Nicholson.

In the final third of the movie, he has a lot of scenes with Danika Golombek (I Am the Night) who portrays Tilly Anderton. The two have perfect chemistry which is almost highlighted by the fact that they are in physical contrast to one another.

It’s both funny and heartwarming. Also, I love how realistic and uncomplicated the dialogue is. Again, this is exactly what makes Wade in the Water work so surprisingly well.

Do not miss out on Wade in the Water!

Wade in the Water was directed by Mark Wilson and despite having 30 credits as a director on IMDb, this is actually his feature film debut. He has directed a lot of shorts and also made the documentary The Painted Warrior which is out on Amazon Prime Video now.

The screenplay for Wade in the Water was written by Chris Retts. This is also a feature film debut for Chris Retts and I cannot commend them both enough for making such an accomplished feature film. It’s a very strong debut which will undoubtedly leave great expectations for their next project.

And yes, Mark Wilson and Chris Retts will soon work together again since their next project, Sunburst, is already in pre-production now.

Originally, Wade in the Water premiered at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in February 2019. It went on to win the “Best Dramatic Film” award at the film festival. It was also nominated in the overall “Best Picture” category where At Eternity’s Gate won.

It’s hard to say exactly what kind of movie Wade in the Water is. You can’t fully do it justice by just describing the plot or commenting on the awesome actors. You have to experience it for yourself. And you really should. It’s dark and gritty but also very laid back and realistic in both extremely awful and very funny ways.

Wade in the Water will be screened at DANCES WITH FILMS in L.A on June 19, 2019.


Director: Mark Wilson
Writer: Chris Retts
Stars: Tom E. Nicholson, Danika Golombek, Samuel Whitehill


Sure, our man has a name, but he never gives it. He works from home. His neighbors are all idiots. He doesn’t really “do” friends. But all that changes when a mis-delivered package arrives in his post office box bearing a horrifying secret — one that will set him on a collision course with a predator, the man’s disillusioned daughter, and his own dark past.

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