THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW on Netflix is a new psychological thriller based on a book. The movie stars Amy Adams, who delivers a strong portrayal of a broken woman. The style itself is a true Hitchcock tribute. Read our full The Woman in the Window movie review here!

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW is a new Netflix movie. It’s a psychological thriller but the plot itself is more of a crime mystery. It’s based on the book by A.J. Finn. Because I loved the book, when I read it years ago, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this adaptation. Maybe that’s why I was a bit disappointed with the result.

However, I was definitely not disappointed with Amy Adams. She is (as always) a brilliant actor, who delivers a strong performance as Anna Fox. A woman suffering from agoraphobia and is unable to leave her home. One day, she witnesses a crime from her window and needs to get help. But could her mind be playing tricks on her?!

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A tribute to the style of Hitchcock

If you’re familiar with the book, you may find that all the mysteries from the book seem too obvious in this adaptation. And if you haven’t read the book, the plot twists might still be a bit too easy to spot.

Obviously, this is a bit of a shame. However, the actual style is a wonderful tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. Of course, the plot itself does also sound a bit like that of Rear Window (1954). Honestly, though, The Woman in the Window is very much its own story.

What I found interesting with the choice of a Hitchcock style, was the fact that it was almost like watching a stage play. This movie adaptation could be used as the template for a theater production as well. Maybe that won’t be for everyone. I enjoyed it for the way it highlighted the performances of the actors. And yet, I also felt like it could have been a stronger movie with other choices.

Basically, I’m a bit torn as to whether I really liked it or just loved the style over the substance of this movie.

The Woman in the Window – Netflix Review

Amy Adams makes it all come together

For me, The Woman in the Window is definitely worth watching for Amy Adams alone. She plays the title character as Anna Fox, who is the woman sitting by her window looking out at the world she’s afraid to interact with. In many ways, this is a very atypical role for Amy Adams. At the same time, it also reminded me of her character in the Sharp Objects mini-series (based on the novel by Gillian Flynn).

At least in terms of a woman with very self-destructive behavior, who is trying to solve a mystery while also fighting for her own existence.

Also in this movie, you’ll see Gary Oldman (in a relatively small role) and Julianne Moore. Actually, every role aside from the one played by Amy Adams is relatively small. The cast isn’t huge, but you should know most of the actors and I enjoyed all performances.

Watch The Woman in the Window on Netflix!

Joe Wright is the director of The Woman in the Window which is quite different from most of his other films. He usually does these larger-than-life movies. His latest movie before this Netflix release was Darkest Hour which starred Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill. As already stated, I still couldn’t help but really enjoy the very distinct Hitchcock style of this psychological thriller.

I’m just not sure it will be to everyone’s liking. Also, I don’t know that fans of the book will be happy with the adaption. Then again, when is the movie ever as good as the book. Or rather, it can be good but elements from the book will also be left out.

Personally, I think the movie is worth watching for the actors and the interesting plot. You’ll probably guess many plot twists before they’re revealed, but it doesn’t take anything away from the eerie and creepy style that works from beginning to end.

The Woman in the Window is out on Netflix from May 14, 2021.


Director: Joe Wright
Writers: A.J. Finn(novel), Tracy Letts
Stars: Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Fred Hechinger, Wyatt Russell, Brian Tyree Henry, Tracy Letts, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Julianne Moore


Anna Fox (Amy Adams) is an agoraphobic child psychologist who finds herself keeping tabs on the picture perfect family across the street through the windows of her New York City brownstone. Her life is turned upside down when she inadvertently witnesses a brutal crime.

Based on the gripping, best-selling novel adapted by Tracy Letts, shocking secrets are revealed and nothing and no one are what they seem in this suspenseful psychological thriller starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Fred Hechinger, Wyatt Russell, Brian Tyree Henry, Tracy Letts, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Julianne Moore.

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