The God Inside My Ear is a trippy low-budget horror movie. It has an impressive production value and some awesome moments. Still, it also runs a bit too long and has some timeline issues.

The God Inside My Ear was made for just $8,000 and it does not show! This movie has a truly impressive production value and pulls off a better overall experience than movies with a budget 100 times higher.

Still, this doesn’t mean the movie is without flaws. There are quite a few elements, I found annoying.

Also, it was way too trippy for me. It feels like the story was written on one Hell of an acid trip. Watching it stone-cold sober in your living-room is a strange experience. Watching The God Inside My Ear during a film festival screening would absolutely be preferred!

New star Linnea Gregg

The God Inside My Ear stars Linnea Gregg in the all-important lead role as Elizia. She’s the character we follow from the very beginning until the end. There are moments where I did not like the acting style and choices, but I understand why it was done this way.

Also, there are some strange elements in the story, which are difficult to act out without going a bit “over the top”. Personally, I was more impressed with Devin Ladner, who portrayed Elizia’s friend, Beth.

Of course, the character of Beth is a normal person in Elizia’s world of increasing madness, so it makes sense that Devin Ladner was more laid back in her portrayal.

The God Inside My Ear

First rule of horror movies

As anyone – who bothers to read my little “author profile” – would know, I hate it when animals are harmed or killed during a movie.

For me, that’s the first rule of horror movies; If you have to kill or hurt animals as a plot device, I will think less of the story.

While watching The God Inside My Ear, there was the most obvious foreshadowing moment ever. From that moment, I knew exactly what would happen, and I knew I would hate it. Fortunately, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.

Also, I really enjoyed the moments during The God Inside My Ear where Elizia (Linnea Gregg) was talking to both dogs and garden gnomes. Or rather, the brilliant moments were when they were talking to her.

It was almost reminiscent of The Voices starring Ryan Reynolds. Not quite up to par, but impressively close!

Impressive feature film debut

The God Inside My Ear is the feature film debut of writer and director Joe Badon. And yes, despite my objections to some elements of the story, it really is an impressive debut.

There are some issues with the timeline and continuity – most notably in relation to her neighbor. Elizia manages to go to a Halloween party and go stay with her mom for a night, but time seems to have stood still in her apartment building. This was very strange and didn’t feel like it was an intentional part of the story.

I don’t know what Joe Badon will do next, but I do know that I’ll be looking out for his next film. And I will make sure I watch it as soon as I get the chance. All he has to do is avoid harming animals and I’ll be very happy.

Joe Badon definitely has a way with crazy storytelling, so with a bigger budget and more time, he could go impressively far!

The God Inside My Ear is still playing at film festivals all over the world.

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Director: Joe Badon
Writer: Joe Badon
Cast: Linnea Gregg, Joseph Estrade, Rhonda Laizer, Lucas Boffin, Devin Ladner


After experiencing a peculiar and sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Elizia discovers a world of conspiracies, strange voices and horrifying visions.

I write reviews and recaps on Heaven of Horror. And yes, it does happen that I find myself screaming, when watching a good horror movie. I love psychological horror, survival horror and kick-ass women. Also, I have a huge soft spot for a good horror-comedy. Oh yeah, and I absolutely HATE when animals are harmed in movies, so I will immediately think less of any movie, where animals are harmed for entertainment (even if the animals are just really good actors). Fortunately, horror doesn't use this nearly as much as comedy. And people assume horror lovers are the messed up ones. Go figure!
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