SISSY is a new horror-comedy from Australia that is currently screening at Fantasia 2022. Full of heartbreak, tragedy, dark humor, and bloody slasher moments. Aisha Dee is amazing in the title role. Read our full Sissy movie review here!

SISSY is an Australian horror comedy that hits a lot of very powerful marks. The message is obvious. Both the social commentary element and the morale. The film is currently screening at Fantasia Film Festival 2022, which is where we watched it.

The movie has a small cast that works extremely well. However, I have to highlight Aisha Dee who is amazing in the title role. Or rather, don’t call her “Sissy” since that nickname was ruined by a school bully. I truly loathe bullying and in this movie, we see it both among children via flashbacks and in the present between adults. Heartbreaking!

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Don’t call her “Sissy”!

As a child, Cecilia went by “Sissy”, but after a school bully used this sweet nickname in a derogatory way instead, it has been ruined. Now an adult, Cecilia is working as an influencer helping people feel better about themselves.

As the self-help influencer “Sincerely Cecilia” she is sharing all the knowledge that helped her move on from a tragic childhood. And yes, we will see exactly what happened in her childhood.

Especially since it plays a big part in the present when Cecilia is confronted with her old school bully and previous best friend. Those two are now best friends and the “reunion” of all three turns into quite the nightmare. First for Cecilia (which is really tough to watch due to the adult bullying) and then for everyone else.

After all, this is a horror comedy that could easily be called a “tragi-comic slasher”.

Sissy (2022) – Review | Horror-comedy | Fantasia

Aisha Dee is stellar as Cecilia

As already mentioned above, Aisha Dee is absolutely amazing in the title role. She has to constantly switch it up from being the Social Media Influencer who is on top of the world, loved and adored by her followers. And then retreating back to the fear of being bullied and shut out from the group.

Watching Aisha Dee go from a strong woman, who is still struggling with self-confidence but often winning these days, to being a scared child yet again, is awe-inspiring. And yes, very heartbreaking. I hate watching people be mean to one another. Watching the crazy (and very bloody) slasher scenes comes much easier.

But that’s pretty classic for horror fans, I suppose.

If Aisha Dee looks familiar, it may be because you’ve seen her in season 2 of Channel Zero or in The Bold Type series where she plays one of the three lead characters.

Watch Sissy at Fantasia and later on Shudder

Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes are co-writer and co-directors of Sissy which I found to be a very accomplished and complete movie. Also, Hannah Barlow plays the role of Emma, who was the best friend of Sissy. As adults, Cecilia (previously known by Sissy) and Emma still seem to have a beautiful connection when they’re alone.

We don’t do half stars here at Heaven of Horror, but I would have given it 3½ if we did. Instead, I have round it up to 4 stars. So, do with that information what you will, but just know that I would definitely recommend this movie to all fans of slasher movies.

We’re talking lots of blood and even an eye popping out as a skull is crushed. So, yeah, it’s quite visual in its brutality but also with a twist of comedy rather than the more brutal scenes we see in other horror movies. Watch this for the great performances and a pretty damn cool ending. Not surprising really, just very well executed!

Sissy was screened at Fantasia 2022. It will be added to Shudder on September 29, 2022.


Directors: Barlow Hannah, Senes Kane
Writers: Barlow Hannah, Senes Kane
Cast: Dee Aisha, Monk Daniel, De Margherit Emily, Barlow Hannah, Barrett Lucy, Ha Yerin


Teen best friends Cecilia and Emma, after a decade run into each other. Cecilia is invited on Emma’s bachelorette weekend where she gets stuck in a remote cabin with her high school bully with a taste for revenge.

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