OUT OF HAND on TUBI is a new serial killer thriller. It has a kitsch vibe but it’s also very predictable. Watch as relaxing entertainment, not a challenging mystery, and you’ll be good. Read our Out of Hand (2023) movie review here!

OUT OF HAND is a new TUBI thriller with a serial killer story. This movie has a few things going for it that could easily be enough reason to watch; Solid production value, a main cast that delivers, and a kitsch vibe that works for its over-the-top storyline.

The thing that doesn’t quite work for it is the fact that it is extremely predictable. There are no surprises and everything is so overtly done that it feels too much like a lot of stereotypes coming together. Obviously, this doesn’t do much for the “thriller” or “mystery” elements.

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The official plot versus the actual plot

I’m always surprised when I read the official plot of a movie (any movie) and then I start watching it and have to pause and re-read the plot. Usually, this happens when the actual plot has nothing to do with what you actually see in the movie.

Out of Hand is a good example of this. Officially, this TUBI thriller is about an author and her husband “escaping” to a secluded cabin, so she can finish her latest book.

Well, first of all, the two are not married. It’s actually a point made early on; They don’t believe in the archaic institution of marriage. Second, the cabin is neither secluded nor do they “escape” to it.

She is there to finish her book which the surroundings help her with. And that’s all I’ll say about that to avoid spoilers. Yes, despite it being predictable, you won’t know everything ahead of time. It’s more an issue of being able to tell what comes next.

You get one piece of information and you’ll know what this leads to. And then it will, inevitably, happen within a short amount of time.

Out of Hand (2023) – Review | TUBI Thriller

An interesting cast

The author in Out of Hand isn’t “just” an author. They never are in movies like this one. No, of course, she is a professor of literature and psychology at Berkeley. That means her name is Dr. Valerie Cross (due to her being a professor).

Louise Linton portrays Dr. Valerie Cross. She hails from Scotland, and though she’s supposedly an American, her accent is a little over the place. Sorry, but it does get a bit crazy along the way. If you have closed captions on, you’ll see even they get confused.

The word “fall” is pronounced with such a British “A” that it becomes “full” in the closed captions.

In any case, she delivers what’s needed for the character. I wish one line of “I went to boarding school in the UK” had been included. Then we’d have a reason for the muddled accent. You may know Louise Linton from the 2016 horror movie The Midnight Man or the 2016 Cabin Fever remake.

As her boyfriend, David, we have Pierson Fodé. While he shows off his impressive upper body physique throughout the movie, he also manages to deliver a solid performance. At first, he doesn’t get much to work with, but it gets better. Quite a lot better!

Pierson Fodé played Thomas Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. He’s a two-time Daytime Emmy Award nominee for his role in the soap opera, but his performance in Out of Hand isn’t “soapy”.

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Director of Out of Hand is Brian Skiba, who has a lot of directing credits on his IMDb resume. The ratings for these movies are all over the place, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. To be honest, it’s solid entertainment with a runtime of just around 1 hour and 25 minutes. It’s just not very good.

Sean Crayne wrote the original screenplay. However, during the opening (and closing) credits, he is listed as being the author of the “story”. The screenplay is credited to actor Corin Nemec and director Brian Skiba.

If you’re in the mood for something that won’t surprise or challenge you in any way, then this movie is a good choice. Hey, sometimes, you just want to relax with a movie that is easy to follow and may be full of tropes, but at least entertains. Out of Hand does manage to do exactly that!

Out of Hand premieres on Tubi on December 28, 2023.


Director: Brian Skiba
Writers: Brian Skiba & Corin Nemec (script), Sean Crayne (story)
Stars: Louise Linton, Pierson Fode, William Baldwin, Joana Metrass, David Wachs, William McNamara


OUT OF HAND tells the story of a professor of literature and psychology at Berkeley, Dr. Valerie Cross, and her oppressive lover, David, who become suspects in the vicious murder of one of her female students.

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