NOISE on Netflix is a new thriller from Belgium. Actually, it is perhaps more of a slow-burn mystery drama, but the thriller element is certainly there as well. A small cast makes the story work in a very organic way. Read our full Noise (2023) movie review here!

NOISE is a Netflix movie from Belgium. We’ve watched quite a few amazing Belgian series on Netflix, but when it comes to movies, it has been more of a film festival event. A series like Into the Night is a very international Netflix production, but it is actually from Belgium.


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This new feature film from Belgium is a bit of a genre-bender. It’s both a thriller and mystery as well as a very dark drama. There is a focus on both a local tragedy, that happened in a small town decades ago and depression along with other mental illnesses. It’s a slow-burn mystery with a small and strong cast, and with a runtime of just 90 minutes, it’s worth watching.

For the record, this new Belgian Netflix movie has nothing to do with the recently released Netflix movie White Noise.

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Big city influencer moves back home

Noise on Netflix is a simple story about the young influencer, Matt. He’s been living in the city with his girlfriend, Liv, and their newborn son, but now the little family is moving back to the small town where Matt grew up. In fact, they move into his childhood home, which is a big and gorgeous mansion with its own lake.

Moving back home is very idyllic on the surface, but Matt is struggling with both work and being a parent. He is especially struggling with noise. All kinds of noises. Admittedly, I can relate to some of this, but I would never unplug an important device because the humming coming from it annoyed me.


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After moving back home, Liv discovers that Matt comes from a rather important family. One that wasn’t necessarily the most popular one, so she’s met with the cold shoulder from quite a few people. At first, anyway.

Matt, meanwhile, is working on making new content for his influencer status when he discovers a dark secret from his dementing father’s past. His father still shows up from time to time, when he has left the retirement home and walked the fairly short distance back to his old home.

Whenever Matt’s father, Pol, is somewhat lucid, Matt tries his best to get details about the tragedy that still haunts the small town. A tragedy his father was directly involved with. As he starts an in-depth investigation, he opens a virtual Pandora’s box of secrets. One that includes family dramas he never anticipated.

Noise (2023) – Netflix Thriller from Belgium

Few strong characters

For me, the most interesting character in Noise (2023) on Netflix, is Liv. She’s the new mother, working as a caterer, and depending on Matt to help take care of their son. As an influencer, he can work whenever he wants. It’s still a job, but more flexible than being a caterer at events.

Liv is portrayed by Sallie Hamsen, who just might be a familiar face to many people. Sallie Hamsen played the lead role in the Dutch horror movie Moloch (2022). A role that earned her a Best Actress award at the Anatomy of Crime and Horror Film Festival. Also, she played the very memorable and heartbreaking role of “Female Replicant” in Blade Runner 2049.

The role of Matt is portrayed by Ward Kerremans (Grond), who also does a brilliant job. His character just isn’t very likable to begin with and gets increasingly unhinged. In part, due to everything, Matt learns from his own father, who is portrayed by Johan Leysen (The American). These two work extremely well as son and father.

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Steffen Geypens is the director of Noise (2023) which is only his second feature film. The first one was the fantasy horror movie Logger from 2022 which has a runtime of just 62 minutes. I haven’t watched it, but I am curious about it based on the plot alone.

The writers of this new Belgian Netflix movie are the director Steffen Geypens along with Robin Kerremans and Hasse Steenssens. This is the screenwriting debut of Robin Kerremans (if IMDb is to be trusted) while Hasse Steenssens has worked as a writer on the TV series Geldwolven.

Calling Noise a thriller might be doing it a disservice. It’s more of a slow-burn mystery drama, even though the thriller element is certainly there as well. The small cast –  along with the key supporting characters – makes the story work in a very organic way. It’s believable and comes across as a small slice of a few people’s lives. At an extremely tough time!

Noise (2023) is on Netflix globally from March 17, 2023.


Director: Steffen Geypens
Writers: Steffen Geypens, Robin Kerremans, Hasse Steenssens
Cast: Ward Kerremans, Sallie Harmsen, Jesse Mensah, Johan Leysen 


After moving his family into his childhood home, a man’s investigation into a local factory accident connected to his father unveils dark family secrets.

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