Ghost Stories is a supernatural horror thriller that gets pretty crazy. Fortunately, it’s perfect for the story and gives the actors lots to work with!

Ghost Stories features – surprise, surprise – stories about ghosts. Or rather, cases that the skeptic Professor Goodman tries to disprove. He doesn’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural so obviously, his convictions need to be tested.

Essentially, Ghost Stories is a horror anthology since it consists of three separate short stories. All of which the professor needs to investigate. Each of the stories also features another main character, which is the person who experienced the paranormal event.

Obviously, we know from the very beginning of Ghost Stories that the non-believer will get to experience some rather convincing stuff. Still, Professor Goodman isn’t easy to rattle. Not until things start to get pretty crazy!

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Actors having fun

Horror movies do tend to have off-beat characters, and Ghost Stories is no exception. The three separate stories present some very different personalities, which in turns keeps the audience on edge.

The most “ordinary” of all the characters in this movie is the lead character of Professor Goodman. Afterall, he’s the one who has a very pragmatic approach to everything. To him, everything is either black or white, but he’s about to experience all the grey. And I’m not talking any kind of 50 shades nonsense.

The narrator of each story (the one having had a paranormal experience) of the first story is portrayed by Paul Whitehouse (Corpse Bride). He’s a real British common man, who really doesn’t want to believe in ghosts. And he most certainly didn’t in the past. He’s a real working man and not really charming, but very honest and straight-forward.

Ghost Stories - Martin Freeman

The brilliant Alex Lawther

The second story features Alex Lawther (Black Mirror and The End of the F***king World). This guy is so damn good at portraying characters that are completely broken but refuse to give up completely. He tries to be a “good boy” but keeps missing the mark.

To me, his story was the scariest. Especially since you can literally feel his fear. Also, he lives in a strange home. Very strange!

Finally, we have Martin Freeman (The Hobbit trilogy) as the narrator of the final story. His tale is a very classic horror story which he delivers with a calm assertiveness. Also, he is a perfect caricature of a British upper-class man, who tries to level with the common man.

His performance in Ghost Stories just has me even more excited to see him in the zombie thriller Cargo.

Ghost Stories

A modern horror classic

Ghost Stories was written and directed by a duo consisting of Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman. Also, the character of Professor Goodman is actually portrayed by Andy Nyman. He does an absolutely stellar job playing this character, so it was obviously perfect casting.

Previously, both filmmakers have done writing and directing primarily for television. In fact, this is a feature film debut as directors for both of them.

Personally, I just love when a movie changes pace and style multiple times and Ghost Stories definitely delivers on that. The ending is surprising but probably won’t come as a huge shock to us hardcore horror fans. Still, the journey getting there is a real treat to fans of horror, so enjoy the ride!

Ghost Stories is released by IFC Midnight and will be out in select US theaters and on VOD April 20, 2018.


Director: Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman
Writers: Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman
Cast: Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman, Paul Whitehouse, Alex Lawther


Experience three spine-tingling tales of terror to haunt your dreams. A debunker of all things paranormal, Professor Phillip Goodman (Andy Nyman) has devoted his life to exposing phony psychics and fraudulent supernatural shenanigans on his own television show. His skepticism is put to the test, however, when he receives a file of three chilling, inexplicable cases: a night watchman (Paul Whitehouse) haunted by disturbing visions as he patrols an abandoned asylum; an edgy young man (Black Mirror’s Alex Lawther) involved in a hellish car accident deep in the woods; and a wealthy former banker (Sherlock’s Martin Freeman) visited by the poltergeist spirit of his unborn child. Even scarier: each of the these macabre stories seems to have a sinister connection to Professor Goodman’s own life. Will they make a believer of him yet?

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