GHOST STORIES is a new Netflix horror anthology from India. The first and last stories are the best and well worth watching this for. If you’re a fan of various horror subgenres, there’s probably something for you in this Netflix movie. Read more in our full Ghost Stories review!

Ghost Stories is a Netflix horror anthology consisting of four short films that each have a runtime around 30-40 minutes. The stories are not directly linked in any way, but it does still feel very organic in its progression.

This Netflix addition is from India and we have already watched a lot of interesting productions from India. The horror mini-series Ghoul is another Netflix production that we can recommend.

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The short films in Ghost Stories 

The anthology starts out pretty strong with a short film by director Zoya Akhtar. It has an intense vibe and creepiness that builds suspense wonderfully. It does feel a bit slow, but the ending of the first short film in Ghost Stories is very satisfying.

The same goes for the last short film in Ghost Stories. Both stories are actual ghost-focused stories but in very different ways. This final film is a lot lighter and more fun – except when it isn’t, of course.

Even if I wasn’t crazy about the second horror short film in this anthology, I did really appreciate the darkness of the story. Also, the visual style worked perfectly for the story. I just didn’t enjoy the story very much. For the third short film, we have a story that is reminiscent of classic werewolf movies. The third story is also the one that gets directly into the scary stuff.

Ghost Stories (2020) - Review Netflix Horror

Wonderful casting

I’m not really familiar with any of the actors in Ghost Stories. Whether you enjoy the separate short films or not, you cannot faulter the acting which is always spot on.

Especially in my least favorite short film, which is the second one. The lead actor, portraying a pregnant woman, is Sobhita Dhulipala. She also plays the lead in the Indian remake of The Body which was originally a Spanish movie and has also had a South Korean remake.

In the first movie, veteran actor Surekha Sikri plays Mrs. Malik and is perfect in this role. Especially since this story opens the anthology and Surekha Sikri is fascinating to watch in this role. And also pretty creepy in various ways!

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Four directors are working on this anthology since it does consist of four separate stories. All four stories work well in the anthology and makes it feel naturally cohecent. However, I definitely – as mentioned earlier – prefer the first and last short films in this anthology.

The second and third stories are more along the lines of supernatural body horror. The effects are cool and particularly the third movie is bound to find many fans. Especially if you like werewolf and zombie movies. The second short film is the darkest and most “art house”-like movie. Some will no doubt love it but many will probably dislike it. I wasn’t crazy about it.

As a whole, Ghost Stories is a very interesting horror anthology with an impressive production quality. Check it out and find your own favorite movie in this new Netflix addition.

Ghost Stories is out on Netflix globally from December 13, 2019 in some countries, and on January 1, 2020 in other countries.


Directors: Zoya Akhtar | Karan Johar | Dibakar Banerjee | Anurag Kashyap
Stars: Sukant Goel | Surekha Sikri | Pavail Gulati | Gulshan Devaiah | Sagar Arya | Vijay Varma | Sobhita Dhulipala | Janhvi Kapoor | Avinash Tiwary | Mrunal Thakur


From the directors of “Bombay Talkies” and “Lust Stories” come four new short films taking a twisted turn into the spine-chilling realm of horror.

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