FREAKS: YOU’RE ONE OF US is a new Netflix movie in the sci-fi superhero subgenre. This one is for the whole family, so don’t expect anything super dark. Still, it has lots of cool moments and works well. Read our full Freaks: You’re One of Us review here!

FREAKS: YOU’RE ONE OF US is a new Netflix movie in the superhero subgenre. That means we’re dealing with action, drama, fantasy, and sci-fi.

Also, while there is some violence in this movie (after all, superheroes do tend to fight the bad guys), this movie is definitely for the whole family.

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A sweet and simple superhero story

In some ways, Freaks: You’re One of Us could be described as a superhero origin story. Sort of like the Spanish Netflix movie Unknown Origins, which I would highly recommend.

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Of course, it’s also quite reminiscent of the X-Men universe. A comparison to The New Mutants is almost inevitable due to the way some doctors are trying to keep their powers subdued.

In fact, while Freaks: You’re One of Us is not without fault, it does feel like a more complete movie compared to The New Mutants. Not nearly as dark, though, which is why this one is safe for the whole family.

Freaks: You're One of Us – Review | Netflix Sci-Fi

A few familiar German actors

Internationally, many Netflix viewers would probably recognize actors from the German Netflix series Dark. However, you won’t recognize any of the actors in Freaks: You’re One of Us from Dark. Still, you just might recognize them from something else. I know I did.

If you’ve watched the German series Perfume (also on Netflix), then you should recognize Wotan Wilke Möhring who plays Marek in this movie. Check out our review of Perfume season 1 here >

Also, you might recognize Tim Oliver Schultz who plays Elmar, if you’ve watched the German horror movie Haunted Hospital: Heilstätten (read our review here).

I didn’t recognize the lead actor, Cornelia Gröschel, but she is truly wonderful in this movie. I had no problem believing that she had superpowers once she started displaying them. A classic superhero who can blend in as a normal person, yet be extremely powerful.

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Felix Binder directed Freaks: You’re One of Us while Marc O. Seng wrote the screenplay. Felix Binder has worked primarily as a director on TV series in the past but nothing I’m familiar with.

Marc O. Seng wrote on several of the productions Felix Binder did, but he also wrote on seven episodes (spanning all three seasons) of the immensely successful German Netflix series Dark. Yes, one of the best Netflix genre series ever – along with The Haunting of Hill House, of course.

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If you’re in the mood for a light and fun superhero movie for the whole family, then check out Freaks: You’re One of Us on Netflix. It does feel a bit too long, but at just 92 minutes, it’s not by much. Also, be sure to stick around for the end credit scene. After all, this might not be Marvel, but it’s still a superhero movie.

Freaks: You’re One of Us is out on Netflix from September 2, 2020.


Director: Felix Binder
Writer: Marc O. Seng
Stars: Cornelia Gröschel, Tim Oliver Schultz, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Nina Kunzendorf, Frederic Linkemann, Finnlay Berger, Thelma Buabeng, Gisa Flake, Ralph Herforth


Service job, husband, son and an underfunded house. Wendy (Cornelia Gröschel) lives the seemingly perfect normal life in the suburbs. When she meets Marek (Wotan Wilke Möhring), a stranger, she makes a shocking discovery: she has supernatural powers. But they seem to be more of curse than a blessing. Over time, Wendy learns to use her new powers and makes a lot of formerly insurmountable problems disappear. Wendy quickly discovers that she is not the only one special. Her colleague Elmar (Tim Oliver Schultz) can do amazing things, too. Are they destined for greatness? But when innocent people get hurt, Wendy believes herself to be the greatest danger. Will she succumb to madness or will she become a heroine?

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