DEADHOUSE DARK is a new Shudder horror anthology from Australia. It features six horror short stories each around 15 minutes, which makes it a quick watch. Read our full Deadhouse Dark horror anthology review here!

DEADHOUSE DARK on Shudder is a new horror anthology with six 15-minute short stories. They’re all connected but not necessarily in the most obvious ways.

This new Shudder addition is from Australia, so you might not be too familiar with the actors. However, to me, this only makes the anthology work even better.

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A great grip on horror vibes

Since this is a horror anthology, all the stories are firmly grounded in our beloved genre. However, in terms of style, you’ll be rewarded with some very different horror elements. In fact, some of my favorite horror elements are in episodes, where I don’t care too much for the story.

What I’m getting at is simply that all the short stories have something going for it. I definitely enjoyed two of the episodes the most, because they had the best stories. And yet, the creepiness was even better in some of the less intriguing stories.

Actually, there was one short story that I didn’t care much for and it was The Staircase. It felt like something I had seen before and yet, it felt unfinished in a strange way. Again, the creepy vibe did work even for that episode, which is why I can’t really be too angry with it.

Deadhouse Dark – Shudder Review

The six episodes in this Aussie Shudder anthology

Without giving away spoilers or talking too much about the content or stories of each episode, I did want to rate each one. If nothing else, it will give you an idea of how I ended up judging this anthology as a whole.

“DASHCAM_013_20191031.MP4” is episode 1

I loved the DASHCAM_013_20191031.MP4 episode and my rating is a solid 4 out of 5

“No Pain No Gain” is episode 2

I liked the No Pain No Gain episode, but I did also feel that it was shot in strange locations at times. My rating is a respectable 3 out of 5

“The Staircase” is episode 3

For me, The Staircase episode started out a bit stereotypical and ended on a somewhat predictable note. 2 out of 5

“A Tangled Web We Weave” is episode 4

Okay, the A Tangled Web We Weave episode had so much going for it. Especially in terms of characters and fans of serial killer stories should enjoy this one. The ending was just a bit weak. 3 out of 5

“Mystery Box” is episode 5

Again, the story in the Mystery Box episode was what didn’t work for me. I liked the creepy horror vibe, so that did work for me. It was just more form than function. 3 out of 5

“My Empire of Dirt” is episode 6

Oh. My. Gawd. I still have not gotten over the My Empire of Dirt episode. It had moments of disgust that still make my skin crawl when I think about it now. I loved it! A definite 4 out of 5

Watch Deadhouse Dark on Shudder now!

Enzo Tedeschi is the creator of Deadhouse Dark and I can easily appreciate his awesome take on the horror genre. For me, the stories can be a bit weak from one short story to the next. The actors always deliver and that makes the anthology work as a whole.

Basically, to me, the horror anthology worked really well during the first two short stories. After that, the stories didn’t always work, but the horror vibe still had an intensity that made it worth watching. 

As with any anthology, there are some stories you’ll like more than others. However, if you enjoy horror anthologies with very diverse stories and wonderful casts, then definitely check out Deadhouse Dark on Shudder. 

Deadhouse Dark is out on Shudder from April 29, 2021.


An anthology of six interconnected horror short films, “Deadhouse Dark” is anchored by a woman who receives a ‘mystery box’ from the dark web, each item within it gradually unveiling a dark and troubling truth. A boxful of dark and chilling tales of terror inspired by frighteningly familiar modern trends including dark web mystery boxes, dash cam footage and Insta-fame hungry vloggers.

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